Dantes Inferno


Dante’s Inferno

[..]They leave the demons , and escape by descending into the fifth pit ,
where they meet  folk clad in leaden cloaks,
gilt  outwardly .
These are the hypocrites .


Producer: Denton Designs
Graphics: Karen Davies, Stuart Fotheringham
Titlescreen: Stuart Fotheringham
Musician: Fred GrayPhoto
Genre: Adventure, Arcade 2D
Players: 1 Only
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Music: Listen, Download, SID Info
Mag Review: Zzap!64 – 66% (issue 20, page 29)
Conversions: ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC
Additional Links: C64 Longplays, GameBase64, Ready64


Dantes Inferno

>Random Review from Lemon64.com :

Brian Bagnall – 2004-07-23
This was a great hidden gem from way back. I remember playing this game endlessly trying to get further and further into the depths of Hell. The music creates a wonderful atmosphere, and the monstrosities and strange scenes you encounter along the way are fantastic. I think I’ll read some Dante just because of this game!

Dantes Inferno

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