DefleMask is a cross-platform tracker (runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) for producing music for many soundchips and old school game-consoles/computers.

It is an awesome donationware that tries to give an end to the discussion “is this Chiptune?” from a new point of view: If it is made with DefleMask, it IS Chiptune. ;)


Every sound that comes from this tracker is obtained from pure register writes to the soundchips being emulated, and those sounds can be exported to the real hardware!

Supported soundchips so far:
YAMAHA YM2612 (with full support of Special CH3 mode)
Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG
Z80 Game Boy
Hudson Soft HuC6280
Ricoh 2A03
MOS Technology SID

So you can make music for:
SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
SEGA Master System
Nintendo Game Boy
NEC PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16
Nintendo NES
Commodore 64
Arcade System (SEGA X/Y boards)


Read the manual, included with DefleMask, or take a lot at the Wiki in order to familiarize yourself with the Tracker features and the supported Systems.

You can register into the forum in order to share your music and receive useful and always constructive feedback from other members, post about a problem you have or simply to start a general discussion about the tracker and tracking in general.


Technical features

– Full real-time emulation of the soundchips supported.
– MIDI input devices realtime recording and chords input mode.
– Internal ROM Builders for all the systems.
– Dynamic FM/macros/wavetable/sample instruments editor.
– Independent Pattern order for each channel using a Pattern Matrix (Like AHX Tracker/FamiTracker/Renoise).
– Files generated by DefleMask run properly on the actual Hardware.
– Many keyboard and mouse shortcuts for easier music creation.
VGM format support as the general ready-to-listen output.
– Support for user-made skins.
– On the fly switch of Soundchips and systems for easy song porting to other platforms.
– And much more! ;)

Check out the manual (included in the DefleMask package) in order to know how to use the more advanced features. Also, you can colaborate and upload information to the Wiki.

If you are writing a music app and you want to include DefleMask support, you want to convert any format to the DefleMask format or transform a DMF to a different filetype, this information will be helpful: DMF Format Specs, DMP Format Specs.


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