The future of Llzn Cerrig had looked bleak. The evil and twisted Queen Bahd had imprisoned the Fairy guardians of the Realm, a place of great natural beauty and wonder, so that she could set about draining the very life-force from the land to sustain her aged body.


In desperate attempt one fairy had managed to enlist the help of the Stormlord to free them from the clutches of the evil Crone and rid the land from the threat of desolation she imposed. He succeeeded in his mission but was unable to slay the Queen, who managed to escape to lands unknown.


Many years of peace and harmony passed, and all was well within Llyn
    Cerrig. Little did the Fairies know, but the harmony of The Realm was
    soon to be broken by a terrible Darkness which smothered the land for
    a full 40 days. Panic and confusion spread throughout and was added by
    the sudden realisation that as each darkened day passed the colony was
    getting smaller - Fairy-folk were simply vanishing. Word soon spread
    through the remaining Fairies that the Evil Queen Bahd had returned to
    ravish the land, this time in league with the Devil himself! Together
    with his many evil minions they were again snatching and imprisoning
    The Realms' Fairy guardians in order to leave it bare of defence, and
    their ultimate mercy...

    The days passed and eventually all the Fairy-folk were captured and
    imprisoned deep within Satan's Palace. The Darkness was lifted from
    the land and the Crone Queen set about draining the precious life-
    force from it, transforming it into wasteland...

    Aim of the Game

    As the Stormlord, you have been given the task of locating, freeing
    and then delivering the inprisioned Fairies from Satan's Palace, 
    through the Pits of Hell, the Enchanted Forest and the Devil-ridden
    skies of Heaven where the amassed power of the rescued Fairy-folk and
    the pure energy of goodness can join to overcome the forces of Evil
    which are destroying The Realm.

    To help you in your task you have geen given an unlimited supply of
    Battle-axes and a set of Opal markers to help you navigate your way
    out of Hell and into Heaven.

    You will be attacked by many of the Devils varied henchmen who will
    try different ways to kill you. You have 3 lives with which to com-
    plete your task. At the end of every section of your quest you will
    face a fearsome guardian who must be slain for you journey to conti-
    nue - each of these has a week-spot where it can be destroyed. It is
    up to you to identify it.

    If you lose energy you can take a rest (stand still) - your energy
    will them slowly build up. A better way to gain energy is to collect 
    the coins that are dropped by dying enemies or are found in clusters.
    To collect a coin simply walk into it. To collect a Fairy, once it is 
    visible simply touch it.

    Collect the Cherubs in Level 4 to power up your weapons! (simply fly
    into them).


    To control Stormlord use a Joystick in port 2 as follows:

    Joystik:     Action:

    Left         Walk/fly left
    Right        Walk/fly right
    Up           Jump/fly upwards
    Up           Clim a ladder
    Up           Turn to face a closet/transporter door
    Up           Open a closet/door (if facing one)
    Up           Pick up a key (if facing one)
    Up           Go through a transporter door (if holding a key for one)
    Down         Crouch/fly downwards
    Up + Right   Jump to the right/fly up and to the right
    Up + Left    Jump to the left/fly up and to the left
    Up + Fire    Swing axe in all directions (battle mode)
    Down + Right Turn to the right while crouching
    Down + Left  Turn to the left while crouching
    Down + Fire  Throw an axe (halv-distance)
    Fire         Throw an axe (full-distance)
    Fire + Right Thorw an axe to the right when on a ladder
    Fire + Left  Thorw an axe to the left when on a ladder

    Keys:        Action:

    F1           Drop/collect Opal Marker (You have to be standing in
                 front of an Opal to pick it up)
    SPACE-BAR    Pause (any keypress except ESC to continue)
    ESC          Quit game (pause needs to be activated)

    The Status Panels

    From left to right the Amiga panel shows:

    Lives Remaining
    Energy lefel for current life shown as a fading head>
    A full-face indicates full energy
    A skull indicates zero-energy
    Your current score (below the axe)
    Number of fairies collected (to the right of the fairy)

    Typed by SLASH & INSPECTOR


Flight mode:
 Press [Right Amiga] + [Right Alt] + [Right Shift] + [Backspace].

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