Desperate Knights


Desperate knights fight together through the ‘Bronze Keep’, a castle filled with dungeons, enemies and puzzles.
You can throw each other at enemies to either set your foes ablaze or to freeze them.
Hurl each other to high ‘unreachable’ places to solve puzzles, and ultimately slay ‘Taurus Omega’, the evil creature ruling this castle.

Alongside all the collaboration you also have to collect more treasure than your buddy in order to win.

So… betraying each other is another aspect in this game! Throw your friend into boiling lava, slicing axes and other nasty, dangerous things to reduce their combo to 0!

Key features:

18 levels filled with combat and puzzles + an endboss
An unique throw & combo system.
Gamepad support (plug and play)

Download: link
File size:
25.1 MB
Screenshots: 1 2

Gameplay video: link

Version: 1.0, Windows only

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