Dex is a 2D side scrolling cyberpunk role-playing game, exploration and non-linear gameplay. The game features hacking, gun combat, cinematic paths and missions.

The cyberpunk world opens in a quest for a truth behind an AI, “who is striving to reach the Singularity, an ‘event horizon’ in which an Artificial Intelligence will surpass human intelligence and all bets about the future will be off.” Harbor Prime is your dystopian city , futuristic, visionary, a classic cyberpunk games from the 80-90s.

The game will be played as an action role-playing platform game. It will be set in an open world that is divided into single locations. There are homes of NPCs, stores etc. RPG aspects are represented by possibility of getting new abilities via cyber implants. The story is linear, but the player can be tasked by multiple side-quests.

First PC and console game from developers, Dreadlocks Ltd, who are an independent developer based in Prague, Czech Republic , founded back in 2011.

Check out the game on Steam. Only for #cyberpunk fanatic… Dex Cyberpunk Realm



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