Diana Queen of Heaven


by  R.A.Wilson

Diana Queen of Heaven
The New World Religion
Princess Diana’s Death
The day after the death of Princess Diana, this author (Robert Anton Wilson) was listening to the radio.
“The royal family”, a caller said “had ordered the hit out of fear that Diana’s companion,
Dodi Fayed, an Arab, might wield undue influence over the future king of England, Prince William.
” This scenario, with variations and additions,
appears in most of the conspiracy theories about Di’s death.
The most intricately interesting scenario, (regarding Diana’s death)
emerged from an online magazine called “Conspiracy Nation,”
under the wonderful headline
“Whoever Controls Princess Diana,
Controls the World.”

According to this version, the scene of the “accident” contains the real clue to what was afoot : the Pont de L’Alma tunnel,which “is ancient, dating back to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca. 500-751 A.D.), and before”.
“In pre-Christian times, the Pont de L’Alma was a pagan sacrificial site.”
All “true European royalty are descended from the Merovingians, ” the article continues, it then repeats the recent claims that the Merovingians were descended from Jesus. Princess Diana, as a Spencer, was descended from the Stuarts who gave England four kings (James I, Charles I, Charles II, and James II) and who are partially Merovingian in bloodline. By comparison, the article says, the current British royal family are “imposters.”
“Two factions vied for control of Diana: (1) the New World Order or Bank of England faction, founded by King William III of Orange, who allowed the founding of the (private) Bank of England, and (2) the “true nobility of Europe, i.e., those of the Merovingian bloodline.”

The article goes on. But it adds further complexity: “Within the New World Order faction there are smaller, warring factions, exemplified by Rothschilds vs. Rockefellers. The plan of the New World Order faction was to marry Lady Diana to an American. Even though Bill Clinton has bastard roots in the Rockefeller clan, he is rejected by them and is aligned with the Rothschilds. Bill Clinton was the designated future husband for Lady Diana, with Hillary Clinton to be eliminated through divorce or even murder. The Rockefellers were furious; in no way would they allow a marriage between Bill Clinton and Lady Diana.
“But Lady Di refused to marry Bill Clinton and seemed inclined to marry Dodi, thus also marrying into the Saudi royal family; for this impropriety, MI6 (British Intelligence) decided to eliminate her. They picked Pont de L’Alma to “send a signal” that would eventually lead to the creation of a Saint Diana, i.e. a new form of the triple moon goddess of the pagans, often called Diana. Conspiracy Nation concludes: “It will be the start of the “new world religion”…..

Who controls the new religion,
Controls the World

Excerpt from Everything is Under Control, Conspiracies, Cults and Cover-ups,
by Robert Anton Wilson author of the #1 Bestseller Illuminatus Trilogy
published 1998 by Harper Perennial

A Brief Overview of the Book,
Diana, Queen of Heaven
Shortly after Princess Diana was murdered, an anonymous source called Rayelan Allan and told her that the place where Diana had been murdered was an ancient Temple of the Goddess Diana. Rayelan has been a researcher of esoteric history since the early 1970’s. She was also married to Gunther Russbacher, a deep cover CIA/ONI operative who is a member of the Austro-Hungarian royal family. Because of her connections to government insiders and European royalty, as well as her background and research, she was able to quickly verify some of the things she was told.
Her anonymous source told her that Pont de L’Alma was a sacred portal which led directly to the Throne of Heaven. Going to her Latin and French dictionaries, she discovered that “Pont” means “bridge” and “Alma” means “soul”. Her source had told her the site was a bridge across the “river of souls”.

Pont de L’Alma, the site of the accident which killed Princess Diana, means “Bridge of the Soul.”
“Alma” can also be spelled “almah”. The word “almah” was a middle eastern word meaning “temple dancer”. The word “Almah” also was the title given to the priestesses of the Temple of Diana. The Goddess Diana preceded Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed. It was the major religion of the Middle Eastern countries as well as Europe.
The source told Rayelan that the priestesses at Pont de L’Alma were able to leave their bodies, cross the bridge of souls and enter heaven. Her source told her that this site was used in the ancient days, in the same way as a modern day hospice is used. The Almahs of the Temple of Diana would leave their own bodies to accompany the soul of the dying person, across the Bridge of Souls into Heaven.
Another source told a colleague of Rayelan’s that the site had been the place where the Merovingian Kings of Europe came to fight to the death to settle disputes. They came to Pont de L’Alma, because they knew that the one who was killed there, went directly to the Throne of Heaven, and would oversee and direct what the victor would do on earth. In other words, the one who was killed, became the winner.
Princess Diana was descended from Merovingian Kings. Legend has it that the Merovingian dynasty was descended from the House of David. Merovingians believe they are descended from the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalen. Jesus was descended from the House of David. (Click here for more information on the Bloodline of the Holy Grail)
Shortly after Diana was killed, Rayelan Allan wrote an article called Diana, Queen of Heaven. The article was picked up by numerous newspapers across the United States and Europe. Several authors who have written books about the death of Princess Diana used Rayelan’s article as reference. However, no one fully understood the deeper meaning of the article. Therefore, Rayelan decided to expand it into a book.
Her book Diana, Queen of Heaven tells about a secret cabal of powerful men who had sought to control Diana. They had sent one of their own to begin to gently bring her into their fold. This man squired her around New York City, Chicago and Washington, DC. He introduced her to many of the richest and most powerful men in the United States. His desire was to find an American husband for her. The hope of his powerful cabal, was to very quickly place her in the White House as the First Lady.
Through Diana, and her children, both the born and the yet to be born, the secret cabal hoped to control the world.
“He, who controls Diana,
Controls the world.”

When Diana met Dodi Fayed, and fell in love with him, the secret cabal knew they had lost her. But what was most distressing to them, was the knowledge that they had lost her to the enemy camp. If Diana had lived long enough to learn everything Dodi and his family had to teach her, Diana would have had the courage and the ability to speak to the world and wake them up to what the secret cabal has in store for them. Diana would have learned the secret of the New World Order, and she would have used her fame, beauty and wealth to save the people of the world from a fate worse than death.
The people who murdered her are part of a group of international elite who have been planning a New World Order for over two hundred years. Part of their plan to create a New World Order is to create a New World Religion. Their New World Religion will enslave humanity.
Preparations for this New World Religion have been in progress for years. A book called Operation Blue Beam described how holographic images of the chosen Prophet would be projected into the sky. The New World Order prophet will speak to the faithful and quickly lure them in to the false religion of the New World Order. A plan to project Allah into Iraqi skies is detailed in this Washington Post Article.
When the evil men who wanted to use Diana to control the world, realized they were losing her to the enemy camp, they decided to kill her. The spot they chose was Pont de L’Alma. They chose it because they knew it had been a Temple to the Goddess Diana, the Goddess who was known as the Queen of Heaven. They knew the temple had been used for human sacrifice. The religion they were going to create was based on human sacrifice, not just the ritual murder that was performed in the Temple, but the sacrifice of the person’s entire life to the New World Order’s New World Religion.
What the New World Order Did not know about Pont de L’Alma, Will be their downfall.
If the site is a portal to the throne of Heaven, as the Merovingian Kings believed it to be, then Diana is sitting at the Throne of Heaven right now. She is descended from Merovingian blood. The battle to the death between Merovingian kings insured that the one who died at Pont de L’Alma, became the one who sat next to God and directed what happened on earth. Did her murderers know that by staging the accident that killed Diana at Pont de L’Alma, they would elevate her to the head of the Merovingian Dynasty?
The Merovingian legend states that Princess Diana, from heaven, now controls and oversees all the Royal Families in Europe who have Merovingian blood flowing through their veins… including Prince Phillip.
British Intelligence tried to enlist the help of the CIA in the murder of Diana. Their document sent to the CIA sites Prince Phillip as wishing to prevent Diana’s marriage to Dodi Fayed. (Click here to view these documents)

The book, Diana, Queen of Heaven includes never before published information on the secret factions within the intelligence communities and… the original Charter of the Knights Templars.

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