Doomsday Lost Echoes

Doomsday Lost Echoes (DDLE) is a graphical text adventure. The player, you, uses text input to control the game and the computer reveals what is happening via text output. At the same time, the computer displays an image of the current location.


The game was programmed specifically for the Amstrad CPC using the Professional Adventure Writing System (PAWS). It makes use of most of the PAWS capabilities and, although it is a text adventure, it relies extensively on graphics support. As a matter of fact, there are more than sixty graphics the player can enjoy, including cutscenes, introduction, locations and different endings. All of them are fine works of pixel art created with the CPC in mind, and detailed examination of the pictures is required to discover hidden hints that are necessary to progress in the game.

DDLE can be played on a real Amstrad (CPC or Plus) or in an emulator. It requires 128KB of RAM and a floppy drive able to read 720KB discs. Besides this, there are no other compatibility issues. Of course, you can play the game on a real Amstrad using a HxC or any other floppy emulator, this is actually our preferred option. Ideally, you should have two floppy drivers, but this is not strictly necessary. Please, check the manual or this link for detailed loading instructions.

All the team would like to thank you deeply for playing. Although we made this just for fun, we spent many months working intensively on the project to produce the best possible bug-free classic adventure. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.


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