Double or Nothing


>Double or Nothing was a clever SEUCK creation, in which used a hack in which linked two players to one joystick.

Whether or not the authors of SEUCK left this as an easter egg or not is questionable, but with the use of POKE 16578,2 you can get pretty cool results. Alf used this feature in Double Or Nothing. It features one individual trapped into two different realities of war. The player was either battling against the war of robots, or a war against a series alien monsters. Both realities eventually merge into one where the real nightmare takes place.

Credits :

Code  …. Antifan
Chris Yates
Music  …. PRI of Oxyron, The Imperium Arts
Richard of Blazon, People of Liberty, Psytronik Software, Scene World Magazine, The New Dimension
Graphics  …. Alf Yngve
Design  …. Alf Yngve
Loader  …. Martin Piper

SIDs used in this release :

Death Technology (/MUSICIANS/B/Bayliss_Richard/Death_Technology.sid)
Neeeaung! (/MUSICIANS/P/PRI/Neeeaung.sid)
Technix (/MUSICIANS/B/Bayliss_Richard/Technix.sid)

Download : (downloads: 423) (downloads: 113)

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