>Another great C64 Video Game title to remember it’s Draconus,a platform game developed and published by Zeppelin Games under the “Cognito” label in 1988.


The player assumes the role of the hero, Frognum, whose task it is to reclaim his kingdom from the Tyrant beast. The game style is principally a platformer which finds the player running and jumping through various screens (numbering around a hundred and extending in all four directions). During this the player will encounter bats, balls or giant rats which general follow fixed paths but may also swarm and chase the player. There are two primary weapons at your disposal to eliminate these enemies; you may punch and claw them, or you may incinerate them with your fire breath. Fire breathing is limited but may be replenished once in a while by collecting items. Also in the C64 version it is imperative to clear the each screen completely of enemies or they will tend to respawn upon leaving and re-entering the screen. Your main task is to find four special abilities and then face the final battle.

Enemy contact reduces Frognums life energy which may also be refilled by collectible symbols. On loss of all life energy Frognum loses one life and restarts from the last Record slab. These slabs occur throughout the game world and serve as checkpoints. Falling great distances or impacting upon water whilst in humanoid form generally results in immediate death, as does falling or walking on spikes.

further to C64 the game has been ported to Atari-XE, here the review link.


Coder: Kevin Franklin
Graphics: Michael Owens
Titlescreen: Michael Owens
Design: Michael Owens
Musician: Adam Gilmore (Gizmo)Photo
Genre: Platformer, Multi Screen
Players: 1 Only
Review: Read (8/10), Write Now
Music: Listen, Download, SID Info
Mag Review: Zzap!64 – 92% (issue 38, page 94)
Conversions: ZX Spectrum
Additional Links: GameBase64, Ready64, Wikipedia

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