<Dragon Lord, as Dragon’s Breath in Europe, is a rpg action-strategy game published by Palace Software, LTD and Spotlight Software in 1990.

It was released for Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS. Players control one of three dragon lords competing to find the (game winning) talisman. This is achieved by raising dragons, empowering them via alchemy, and then sending them to conquer towns.

A wizard , or lord, that has to compete against other lords to find a holy Talisman.
To do that, you will have to raise and breed dragons, sending them to missions to attack villages and bring destruction. Once the villages are terrified enough, their territories will be annexed to your kingdom.

Alchemy to create powerful potions and spells, which will be fundamental to increase your dragons’ strength. From the map you can control territories and decide what will be your next target. You can control the dragon from a first person view and so attack towns.


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