In Dreambreak [official site], you enter in an alternate reality, sort of a dystopian Soviet Russia State…

A game with heavy and sought influences from Flashback by Delphine Software where the player takes control of Eugene in a cyberpunk version of the Soviet Union set in 2013. Much like in our time line, we (The U.S.) have won the Cold War but in Dreambreak, the Soviet Union has managed to avoid dissolution. Eugene ends up framed for murder and is being hunted by the KGB while he tries to clear his name. You will travel to many different locales that will look very familiar to you if you know the cyberpunk genre well, from seedy night clubs, dirty alleyways, the Moscow Metro, and many others as well as activities as gun fighting, racing hover bikes, and hacking drones in addition to the usual detective work of point-and-click adventure games.

The game comes in a tiny, retro-styled package, but promises multiple endings with more layers than a Russian nesting doll. It’s not all playing detective, either. Along the way, you’ll get to visit vaguely sketchy nightclubs, race hover bikes, and hack drones. If there’s one thing Dreambreak appears to have, it’s variety.

All of that conspiracy, deception, and clubbing takes place in a pixelated, futuristic vision of the USSR, complete with Cyrillic billboards and Big Brother’s watchful eye.

Dreambreak will be available for Windows through Steam for £5.49/5,99€/$6.99. Be sure to check out the trailer here:

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