DroneSwarm Command

DroneSwarm Command is a unique real-time strategy game for iPad featuring multi-touch controls and an experience system that allows you to upgrade your drones to suit different play styles.


  • Four levels and two game modes (survival and 10-minute mode) to choose from.
  • A detailed tutorial and training missions.
  • Command three drones simultaneously, each with unique abilities.
  • Level-up your drones to enable special attacks.
  • Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

Your three drones must work together to maximize your score. They are…

  • The Redback, an air superiority fighter armed with long range air-to-air missiles and possessing high speed and maneuverability.
  • The Groundhog, focusing on close air support it has guns and rockets to take out ground targets and can laser designate targets for cruise missile strikes.
  • The White Crane, an electronic warfare and countermeasures aircraft which can hack enemy missiles mid-flight or disable enemies with its EMP weapon.

Winner of the 2011 iFest Australian Independent Game Festival, DroneSwarm Command takes real-time strategy to a new level with controls and graphics custom designed for the iPad.

>The latest version of DroneSwarm is 0.1.9
It contains one playable level.

Click here to download the game



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