>Enemy – Tempest of Violence (German version, ADF images) : A brilliant action adventure written by André Wuethrich, originally released in 1997.

Produced by Anachronia . According to the author, the game is now Freeware.


[1] Game concept, code & music/sound FX by André Wüthrich. Graphics, alien creation & intro music by Michael Tschögl. Text correction, translation & layout support by Michael Stutz; technical/layout support by Thomas Schneider; additional translation by Jean François Titus; additional text correction by Alan Hodgson.

[2] Min. Specifications: KS 1.2, 1Mb ram.

[3] Anachronia released the German version in Europe in 1997 and the English version shortly afterwards. The English release remained obscure, however, until Alive Mediasoft published it in the UK in 1999.

[4] ENEMY: TEMPEST OF VIOLENCE has been deemed freeware by coder André Wüthrich and is freely available for download from the following source:


>At 2013 a sequel went out : Enemy 2: Missing in Action 

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