Eternum is a sort of Ghosts’ n Goblins Clone series or you would think that’s a sequel.
80’s arcade cabinet style game brought up to 25 levels, final bosses and secret bonuses.

Sir Arthur (the not original name of our hero) is just too old and having lost everything he had and loved departs for an evil subterranean realm researching treasures,adventures and most important: five magical orbs that together will provide…Eternal youth!


A tribute sequel to Ghosts n Goblins ? It seems so by thinking how astonishing the original game was for it’s time. Eternum is very good, in graphic colors, game play, and retro inspired idea, scanlines, music, sound effects, in one word : awesome and not is free.

Key features:

  • Nice gameplay (may cause addiction).
  • Retro, arcade and platform 100%
  • 16-bit style
  • Neat soundtrack
  • Plenty of different enemies
  • 25 Levels
  • Special levels with final bosses
  • Secrets bonus on each level
  • About one hour of playtime
  • Development time: 18 months.


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