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Exolon is a run and gun game programmed by Raffaele Cecco and published by Hewson in 1987 for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC 8-bit computers. It was later converted to Enterprise 128 and to the 16-bit Amiga and Atari ST platforms.

The player takes control of a futuristic soldier across several flick-screen levels of gameplay. The screens that make up these levels are filled with various generic aliens as well as gun emplacements, homing missiles, landmines and other hazards. The player can defend himself with both a gun and rocket-propelled grenades. The two different weapons are effective against different enemies.

The enemies themselves are very varied taking the form of flying aliens of the type traditionally found in shoot ’em up games as well as homing missiles, fixed guns, tanks, land mines, swarming red pods and “crushers” which shoot out of the ground.

Part-way through each level, there is a pod in which the player can “upgrade” until the end of the current level to an armoured exoskeleton with improved weapons and armour. Attempting to finish the level without this upgrade results in a score bonus.

Exolon Remakes :

Exolon – The Continuing Adventures
Version 1.30

Program by Steve Watson
Graphics and Extra Screen Design by Hitman

Based on “Exolon” from the ZX Spectrum and C64 .

Copyright (c) 1987 Hewson Consultants Ltd/Raffaelle Cecco
This game Copyright (c) Space-Time Productions Ltd 2002

Intelligence agents informed the “Earth Council” of an alien race
planning to attack and destroy the Earth. Vitorc had the reputation
of being a bit of a badass, so it was he who was commissioned for
the job. To rid the alien planet of all the scum and save the Earth
from certain doom.
Vitorc blasted his way thru 125 screens of alien slime. Its what
his job was and its what he did best. He succeeded and promptly flew
The “Earth Council” thanked him for his efforts but wouldn’t
allow him to land on Earth – EVER – because of possible alien
Dejected and bemused Vitorc returned to the dreaded planet only
to find that the aliens had rebuilt their cities and were preparing
an army for the destruction of earth once more. Even though Earth
shunned him after saving them once, Vitorc, the true hero, decided
he must save the planet once again. Anyway, those damn aliens had
his ship in a magnetic tractor beam powered by a huge reactor so he
had to do the dirty deed !! Kill the baddies, blow the reactor and
get off this damned planet…


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Exolon DX


>Exolon, a remake of the Cecco classic.
With your great reputation as an eraser of aliens, you’re employed to rid a planet of a mixed bag of beasties. You face a world infested with rotund attackers released from birth pods, homing missiles, accelerating space lice, exploding mines, and bum-pummelling hydraulic plungers.

For protection, you carry a blaster to destroy the lesser, thin-skinned aliens and laser-beam barriers; greandes that take out stronger creatures, machinery, obstructing rock formations and mushrooms; and a pulse bomb that disrupts enemy security systems. Blaster ammunition and grenades are replenished with each loss of life, and extra supplies may be collected from arsenal boxes.

For additional safety, passing through a dressing unit clothes you in an exoskeleton, and thus besuited you have extra blast power and protection against ground mines and some aliens.

The combined might of Russell Hoy and John Blythe set to work on Exolon. After various set backs and abuse, work is stopped.

Graham Goring takes over the job but decides to rewrite the code using retrengine, a games creation system he has created using a combination of Allegro and OpenGL. Welcome to the age of catmull-rom splinetastic alien patterns and scripting engines.



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