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This innovative game was created in 1990 by Cryo Interactive,
and published by Virgin Games.

>It features some puzzles involving a sleeping female android that the player
needed to wake up by cleaning its circuit.
Each level represented by a different level of emotion
until the final extase (ecstasy).
Any feeling of the cyborg brain gets represented by a different tune ,
almost an a.i. function  .
Designed by Stéphane Picq .




arne – 2007-04-20
A timeless classic, an absolute masterpiece! One of the most original games and one of the best games of all time. It will have its shrine one day in the museums. This game is unique so far in that it really perfected interactive soundscapes, creating a synergistic experience that’s just indescribable. Every action you take in the game has a sound effect that is rendered in such a way as to perfectly match the background music in tempo and style, off-beat, on-beat, everything! On top, each level has its own completely unique sound fx and music, getting wilder and faster as you progress to get the android closer to consciousness. And what kind of futuristic and awesome avant-garde new wave sound this game delivers. The player creates his own soundscapes, dragging himself further and further into this games “noir” ambience.


emuleDOWNLOAD EXTASE for Winuae (ed2k client is required)


Level Password
Mystic Crisis 3976

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