Norwegian defense officials caught one of their new and expensive F-35A Lightning II Block 3F stealth jets sending sensitive data back to its US manufacturer — Lockheed Martin.

Norway is the first non-US user of the F-35 to have a mission-critical software package enabled through the provision of Mission Data Files.
It’s a critical database and software package that is supposed to deliver what from a decade its customers expect: “full control and situational awareness through A.I. sensitive data collection and analysis on the fly”.
However turns out the US Contractor Lockheed Martin is getting telemetry and full details on everything Norwegian pilots are doing and everything about their mission files and targets, that’s because these data are sent back to Fort Worth, Texas, it means in the Lockheed facility.
In other words manufacturer is tracking any habit of Norwegian pilots.
So what happens when it is not the privacy of commoners to be exploited but the military’s one? Is it not a common case of Industrial Espionage added to counterintelligence theft of sensitive data?
If an user can not decide what information must be kept hidden and stored only for personal use, and what information instead may be sent to be processed for further software improvements, then we can really tell that the hardware with its software work as a trojan horse, exactly like the stuff everyone seek and wipe out on daily basis.
As we read Norway entered into a partnership with Italy to jointly finance the procurement and operation of a laboratory where both countries can enter nationally sensitive data retrieved from F16 air fighters.


Politically, the F35 could also be described as a “Trojan Horse” or a resonating “hot potato,” belying its intended military purpose, particularly concerning its capability and prospective use within our NATO PACT commitments-obligations that require command and control as well as interoperability in support of alliance operations.

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