<In the year 2000 a “new” kind of mineral was found on Earth, the so said Fukang meteorite in the mountains near homonym area, in China.
A pallasite type meteor rock composed by iron and olivine crystals. Its age is estimated to be at least 4.5 billion of years.

-17 years ago a Chinese dealer obtained a mass from Xinjiang Province, in China, with a weight of 1K Kg. In February 2005, 20Kg of the whole meteorite mass was taken to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and the experts began to study the curious mineral.

Fukang pallasite contains large, gem quality olivine, and a nickel iron matrix. Olivines vary in shape from rounded to angular, many are fractured and their size can get a range in cm or mm.
An anonymous collector holds the balance of the main mass.

In April 2008, Bonhams offered the main mass for auction at their Manhattan auction. Bonhams expected to fetch US$2,000,000, but the mass remained unsold. A “window” area (480 mm × 910 mm) was cut and polished to provide a view into the gem areas of the meteorite.


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