Future Wars, subtitled in Europe as Time Travellers and in North America as Adventures in Time and known in France as Time Travelers: The Menace

(French: Les Voyageurs du Temps: La Menace) is an adventure game from Delphine Software International, released in 1989. The game is mainly the work of Paul Cuisset (story and programming) and Eric Chahi (graphics).


The game was supposed to be the first of a series of adventure games revolving around time traveling but later episodes were never made.

Future Wars is played by left-clicking for character movement, and right-clicking for character actions. The actions available in the right-click popup menu are: Operate, Examine, Take, Use and Inventory. “Use” had a subcategory which enabled the player to drag and select the items in their inventory.


The player starts the game as a window cleaner dressed in white overalls who is in the middle of cleaning the outside of a skyscraper. According to later references, the game starts in 1989 (also when Future Wars was first retailed).


You begin on the scaffold. After the boss has given you a little lesson in
window cleaning pick up the spilt bucket and examine the scaffold. Operate the
‘up’ button which appears and your scaffold tavels upwards. Walk to the window
the boss was leaning out of and enter.

When you entered the office lobby, walk to the dustbin and take the plastic
bag. Go to the WC and operate the cupboard in it. Take the insecticide and go to
the WC door. Operate it to open it. There is a little red dot on the floor on
the inside of the WC. Take this and you’ll find it’s a red flag. Go to the sink
and use the bucket there to fill it up.

Go back to the office lobby and walk to the bottom right hand corner looking
for a bump in the carpet. Go off the carpet, operate the carpet and find the
key. Now go to the door on the north wall and use the bucket on the door.Then
go to the door on the east wall and operate it. Not only do you get to enjoy
the little joke you’ve played but you get to automatically walk through the
east door.

Now you’re in an office. Go to the cupboards under the library of books and use
the key on the cupboard second from the left. Find the typewriter, examine it
and not the number it gives to you. Go to the desk and operate the drawer. Take
the sheaf of paper you find in it and then walk to the map. Examine the map and
you get a close up of it. On the close up look for a small black spot. Use the
flag on this spot and a secret passage is revealed! SAVE GAME and go into the

You’re in a small room whose walls and ceilings are closing in! Quickly examine
the keypad on the wall to get a close up of it. Now operate the numbers on the
keypad in accordance with the numbers you got from the typewriter (40315). The
room stops shrinking and you can go through the newly appeared door.

You’re now in a high tech room. Go to the thing which looks like a photocopier.
Use the sheaf of paper on the front and collect the documents. SAVE THE GAME.
Operate the red button on the machine and as quickly as possile, operate the
green button. Run to the round light patch on the floor to your right and you
are transported back in time.

You find yourself in a swamp. SAVE THE GAME. On the brown part of the swamp you
see some dark patches. Walk to the left along the patches and go into the grass
as soon as you can. When you’re close to the mosquitoes use the insectiside on
them. Continue walking left and just before you exit the picture notice the
gleam of light on the floor. Examine the floor where the light was and get the
pendant which is revealed. Go left. Walk to the tree next to the lake. Examine
the foot of the tree and find the rope. Use the rope on the prominent branch of
the tree and let yourself snooze up there for awhile. A man enters and goes
skinny dipping in the lake. Get the clothes an continue on left.

You find yourself in a village. Go to the guard in front of the castle and use
the pendant on him. Go left behind the castle (passing the chickens) and enter
the clearing. Go to the big tree and operate it. Pick up the coin and go right,
returning to the village. Go to the inn and hand the coin to the inkeeper.
After finishing your meal, exit the inn and go back to the guard an use the
pandant on him. Have your little chat with the lord and you find yourself out-
side the castle again. The guard is sleeping so take his lance. Go behind the
castle to the left to get to the clearing. Walk up to the tree and use the
lance on the monk’s cassock. After a quick change of clothes go to the village.

You are next to an abbey guarded by a wolf. Examine the little blue thing on
his behind. Now go back to where the lake is and fill the plastic bag with
water. Hurry back to the wolf as quickly as possible, walk up to him until his
head clicks down and use the bag on the wolf to destroy him. This bit may seem
impossible because the bag is leaking but it can be done – you must be fast

SAVE THE GAME and enter the abbey. You see three monks walking around a box
shaped trail. If you follow them as exactly as possible they will not suspect
you. Save the game frequently during this phase. Walk with them to the west
door, operate the door and enter. Walk boldly into the room and the monk tells
you to go to the superior. Exit the room and, walking along a clockwise trail
only, walk to the east door and operate it. The monk tells you to get him a cup
of scorzuum. Exit and follow west to the door. Enter and get the cup. Exit and
follow the trail to the north. Enter, go to the ladder and use the cup on the
barrel furthest right. Exit this room and go to the east door again (use the
trail). Walk in and the superior drinks from the cup and falls down drunk.
Search him and get the device. Walk to the book shelf and use the device on the
piece of furniture below the books. Get the magnetic card and exit the room.
Following the trail one last time, go to the north door. Climb the ladder and
use the devise on the barrel directly infront of you.

You’re in another high tech room. Before doing anything, go to the container in
which the girl is held and find the glass capsule. Use the magnetic card on the
computer left of the container and let the girl out. Sit back and enjoy an
explanation of what the hell is going on!

The next time you have control you are in the future. You’re among rubble and
ruins and without Lo’ann. In the room in which you appear go to the rubble at
the bottom right hand corner and examine it. You find a blowtorch. Take this
and go right, to the next room. In the center of this room there is a prominent
piece of rubble on it’s own. Operate this to find a manhole cover. Just to the
northwest is another load of rubble with a white spot on the middle. Move to
this and examine the white spot (a bit fiddly this bit so if find nothing just
keep trying). You find some fuses. Go to the mannhole cover and operate it.
Enter the sewers.

Once in the sewers, follow the only path you can looking out for a pipe on one
of the walls with a little black nodule on it (it’s a trap!). When you find it
use the blowtorch on the tap to fill it up. Carry on going until you come to a
room with a monster threatening a woman and child. Save the game, walk up close
to the monster and use the newly filled blowtorch on it. The woman thanks you
and provides for you a way to get out of the sewers.

You’re in front of a metro station. There’s a door with a sensor (looks like a
camera) above it. Use the lance to get this door open. You find yourself in the
station. Walk to the newspaper vending machine on the left hand wall. Examine
it’ coin slot (a small black dot on the left hand side of the machine) and use
the coin in the slot. It doesn’t work so get the coin from the slot again and
try this once more (use coin on slot) and you get a newspaper. Wait for the
train to arrive and get in when it does.

You find yourself at the shuttle port but with no ticket to get past the guard.
Go down the steps to the south of the screen and walk to the fuse-box on the
left hand side of the room in which you appear. Use your fuses on the fuse-box:
it says nothing happens but dont worry about this. Go upstairs and discover the
TV is now working and the guard is watching it. Manouever yourself around him
without touching him and go up the escalator. Enjoy the ride in the shuttle
until the Crughons capture it.

You find yourself in a small Crughon prison next to a small airduct in the
north wall. Use the key on the airduct to undo it’s screws. Use the gas capsule
on the airduct. Very quickly use the news paper on the airduct to block the
backflow of the gas. The door opens and you can go through.

Soon after entering the next room, humans capture the Crughon ship. They think
you are a Crughon and nearly kill you but Lo’ann saves the day – so enjoy this
little spectacle.

Go back in time with Lo’ann to complete the final part of the game. You appear
in a cave. Walk to where Lo’ann is and SAVE THE GAME. Go left, following her.
Have another battle with the Crughons. Kill the Crughons that are marked with a
red danger sign before you go for any of the others. Then concentrate on
killing all Crughons that get close to the center of the sreen. Watch out for
the Crughon on a plaform, and when you see him kill him. At the end Lo’ann is
shot but not killed. Examine Lo’ann and get the pills from her. Examine her
again and get the pendant from her. Use the pendant on Lo’ann to transport her
back safely.

After a little walk you find yourself at the ship. There is a Crughon lying
there. Examine him and take the magnetic card and enter the ship. You’ve
entered a small compartment. Walk to the right of the door where there is a
card reader. Use the magnetic card on the reader. Then walk to the glass case
on the bottom of the screen. Operate the case and take the garment. Walk to the
video camera and use the garment on the camera. Go back to the case and click
on it until you are lying inside it (a bit fiddly but you do get in eventually)
operate the case again and watch all the wonderful graphics. SAVE THE GAME
before the ship comes to rest.

When you wake up again, use the pill but don’t say what you want to use it on
yet. Position the pointer on the hero and wait until the door starts to open.
Click on the hero and you become invisible. Walk immediately behind the boxes
at the bottom left hand corner.

You’re in a dark place. Walk north to the red and green lights and a door opens
SAVE THE GAME before you go out. The next bit is tricky but you must you must
go up and down the ladders until you come to the entrance to the mastercomputer
room. By trial and error you eventually find out how to get there. Aim to get
to the mastercomputer room with at least 150 seconds left to spare as you have
to go somwhere else afterwards. While trying to find the entrance look for a
door with arrows on either side pointing on the door itself. This is where you
have to go after the mastercomputer room.

When you get to the mastercomputer room, go to the control console on the left-
hand side of the room and use the magnetic card on it. Reprogram the computer
and leave immediately the same way you came in. Go to the room with the arrows
on either side. Now sit back and enjoy the ending!





Nearly all the puzzles have something in common: they involve you
using an object. This will often be located earlier in the game, and
unless you know what you’re looking for you’ll miss it. The easiest
way to avoid becoming stuck is to search all the locations
thoroughly. Examine absolutely everything as well as using the Operate
command on objects.
In the small room with the descending ceiling examine the keypad.
Operate the pad to enter the code form the typewriter that stops the
ceiling lowering, but do be quick.
In the transporter room examine the machine and press the green
button. Put the paper in the slot and follow by hitting the red button.
Some documents should then be ejected from the machine; grab them, then
run like merry hell for the spotlight.
You should find yourself transported back into the dark ages. Head
left across the screen, following the little green path which runs
along the swamp. Stop near the mosquitoes and zap them with the
repellent. Examine the ground near where the mosquitoes were to get the
When you’ve got the cloths from the lakeside go into the town and walk
round the back of the castle and up to the big tree. Go up close,
select Operate, and a coin should drop down. Enter the tavern and
listen to the conversation. Go up to the castle gates and show the
pendant to the guard. When you come out of the castle take the guard’s
lance. Go back round to the big tree and use the lance on the monk’s
robe. Return to the lake and fill the plastic bag with water, Run back
to the castle screen and off the bottom. Approach the wolf and throw
the water on him.
Once inside the monastery walk around the sides of the room in the
same direction as the monks. Go through the third door. When the
Abbott tells you to get his wine go back round to the first door and go
in. Take the gold cup and enter the second door. Use the cup on one of
the top barrels. Go back to the Abbott and wait for him to fall
unconscious. Take the remote control from his robes and use it on the
cabinet at the far side of the room. Take the magnetic card and into
the wine cellar. Once inside use the control on the middle-top barrel
then enter the secret passageway. You are now in the prison room.

Sift through the rubble in the bottom right corner of the first
screen, that gives you the blowtorch. Hidden in the white rubble is the
fuse, take that, then go through the manhole.

Inside the office.
Once inside the office, open the cupboard with key and check out the
typewriter. Then get the paper from the drawer.

Outside the office.
Take the bin liner, open the door and take the flag. There are a
couple of things hidden, the insect spray in the cupboard and the key
under the carpet. You’ll also need an empty bucket on the sink and a
full bucket on the door.

Replace the fuses at the bottom of the stairs to get the TD working.
Wait for the hostess to check her make up, then run between the arrows.
Remember, too, to look at the map and put the red flag in the hole.

Crughon Ship.
Wait until the door starts opening, then eat the invisibility pill.
Run down the stairs avoiding the guards and hide by the boxes.

The Lake
Examine the tree on the left of the screen. Take the rope and use it
to climb the branch. Then take the cloths.

Prison Room
Get the gas can from the bottom of the case. Then run the magnetic
card through the computer’s slot.

Crughon Base
Here’s a map to help you out of the Crughon Base before the time is

1. ||
______||____________________________ ___ 1.start position
|| || ~ 2.exit
__||______________ ___||___________ ____ 3.computer room
~ || || ~ ||
__________ ______________||__ _||_______ || staircase
||~ || ~ || _ _ a hole
___ ____||___||_ _________________||____ ~
|| ~ ~ || || #
||________________||_________ _______||_ # a wall
|| || ~
____||___ _______ ________||____________
~2. || ~ ||
|| ||
__||__________________||____ ___________
# || ~ || ||
______________#___||________ __|| ||____
|| ~|| ~ ||
__ ____||_ _______________ __||____ ||__
~ || ~ || ~|| ~ ||
____||__________||____ ____||_____ ___||
|| ~ || ~||
__________||____ _______||___ _____||___
|| ~ || ~ ||
__________ _||____||__ ________||_______
|| ~ || ~ ||
_______||_______||_____ ||______________
~ ||
|| 3.

Beeep… Beeep… The strident tone of the control monitor woke her out of
a light doze. She froze for an instant, surprised by her brief spell of
inattention. She concentrated hard on the screen and began to follow the
frenzied movement of the green cursor. It blinked twice then disappeared,
loudly signifying the end of its activity. 1304 !! She examined the four
figures traced on the cathode screen as if she were discovering them for
the first time. “1304 ! My God, THEY’VE DONE IT !”, she shouted.

Baley put the file down. The situation was disturbing. The news from the
front over the last two months had been alarming and the Crughons’ were
becoming ever more active on Earth. “Blasted Crughons !”he thought, “We’ll
never have enough time !”. After more than a century of bitter fighting,
the human race had seen its proud colonies fall one by one. Now the
Earthlings had dug themselves in on the last free planet and were
desperately trying to fight off the constant attacks of their deadly
enemies. Baley could not stop himself thinking about the terrible fate in
store for them if the SDI did not hold out. For two generations, the
magnetic field which jealously guarded the planet had unfailingly succeeded
in repulsing the Crughons’ increasingly virulent attacks. “Heavens ! I hope
they can hold out !”. A flood of old memories poured into his mind. The
images had become blurred but, strangely, the emotions retained their
tragic intensity. He remembered their distress… the mad dash across
space… the return to the origins of an Earth which had been abandones a
thousand years previously… Lo’Ann, his daughter, then two years old who
snuggled down in the arms of her mother, Ellie. He had always admired his
wife’s courage, and her confidence which she communicated to others had
enabled them to endure the great privations of their new existence…

Reconstruction had been difficult with the few resources which the planet
still possessed. But SDI was worth any sacrifice… because SDI was their
last chance.

The gabble of the intercom rudely awakened him from his daydreams.

– “Father ?”
– “Yes, Lo’Ann… what news ?”
– “We have just detected a Crughon presence and the earthly controller is
positive. They have turned the clock back to 1304, the Middle Ages !!”
– “1304 ! Then if my fears were right… No, I daren’t think about it…
Lo’Ann ! Go to the Chronoporters, we must find out what’s happening”

The chronoporting room as buzzing with activity. Two simultaneous flashes
of light illuminated the room for a fraction of a second… Two silhouettes
tembled for a moment then disappeared forever.

The last act of this tragic wwar had begun. Historians would call this
phase “THE MENACE”.

We advise you to make backups of your origional diskettes and only use the
copies to play the game.

II. AMIGA 500, 1000 AND 2000
(If using an Amiga 500 without expanded memory unplug the external drive if


AMIGA 1000
– Switch off the computer.
– Insert the Kickstart diskette into the DF0 drive and switch on the
– When the computer asks you to insert the Workbench diskette insert Game
diskette No. 1.

AMIGA 500 and 2000
– Switch off the computer.
– Insert diskette No. 1 in the DF0 drive and switch on the computer.


Check to see that you have more than 1080 kilobytes free on your hard disk.
Create a new directory and copy the contents of each of the diskettes into

– Click twice on the hard disk icon.
– Click twice on the directory icon containing the game
– Click twice on the icon DELPHINE.PRG.

“Future Wars” is the first DELPHINE SOFTWARE programme to use the
Cinematique system.
This is a new generation games system which is entirely mouse-controlled
and is designed to make the game as exciting as possible.

The character you are playing moves across the screen as you wish. All you
need to do to get him to move is to use the mouse to take the cursor to the
spot you want him to go and press the left hand button of the mouse. The
hero will then move to the designated spot.
Your character will stop on the way if an obstacle blocks his path. All you
have to do is designate a different spot which will enable him to move
round the obstacle.

Through the hero, you can take a wide variety of actions despite the very
simple activation menu.
The activation menu is displayed when you press the right-hand button of
the mouse.
Move the menu bar to the chosen action and press the left-hand button.

You can take the following actions :

Enables you to obtain more details about an object in your
When the mouse cursor becomes a +, choose the object to be examined and
press the left-hand mouse button.
Note : Just as in real life, your character will not be able to see some of
the details if he is too far away from the object he is looking at.

Is used when you want to collect objects that seem to be useful. When the
mouse cursor becomes a +, choose the object to be examined and press the
left-hand mouse button.

Tells you at all times what objects you have. Press one of the two mouse
buttons to quit the inventory.

Allows you to take action using an object you own to affect an object or
person in your environment.

For instance:
You have a key which you want to use to open a door : USE KEY on DOOR.
You want to give money to your boss (!!!) : USE MONEY on BOSS.
You need something to drink : USE CUP on HERO.

Lets you take action on an object or person.

For example,
open the door… OPERATE DOOR
press a button … OPERATE BUTTON.

When the mouse cursor changes into a +, select the object on which you want
to take action and press the left-hand button of the mouse.

Will serve to help you talk to the people you are going to meet. When the
mouse cursor changes to a +, indicate the character to whom you want to
speak and press the left-hand button of the mouse.

This menu offers functions which are not part of the game itself but which
will, for instance, allow you to save, make backups or reload previous

You can access this menu by pressing the two mouse buttons simultaneously.

Will put the game on hold until you press another mouse button.

Enables you to start the session again from the very beginning.

Is used for indicating to the programme which disk drive you want to use to
make backup.

To continue playing a game you have backed up.
When the programme asks you to insert the backup diskette, the list of
saved sessions which are on the backup diskette will be displayed.
Move the mouse on to the name of the session to be loaded and confirm.
(We suggest you have a blank formatted diskette ready)

To save to diskette the game you are in the process of playing, when the
programme prompts you, insert the backup diskette.
A catalogue containing the list of sessions already on the diskette will be
displayed. Choose a free spot and confirm. If there is no room left in the
catalogue use a new backup diskette or back up over an existing session.

Note : You can back up a session as long as your hero is alive.
Consequently, we advise you to use this option regularly and each time the
situation is potentially dangerous. During some animation sequences when
you are not able to control your character, you will not be able to save
the game. But be assured that nothing very dangerous will happen during
these sequences, unless it already too late to take preventitive action.

If you are playing an adventure game for the first time, here are a few

¤ Carefully examine all the objects on the screen at every new point in the
¤ Zoom in closer to the objects you are examining because no one is
infallible and our hero may only see some of the fine details if he looks
at an object up close.
¤ Read the message displayed very carefully because they may give you
important clues on how to proceed to the mext step in the adventure.
¤ Use every opportunity you can to take action.
¤ Talk to everyone you can, they may be able to help you choose the best
¤ Backup your game as soon as you sense danger.

If in spite of all this, you find yourself stuck at any point in the game,
check to see whether you have forgotten an object or if you have forgotten
to do something earlier on…
Every problem has a solution.

The following is for new players who may have difficulty getting started in
the game.

Experienced players need not read this page.

¤ The game begins on scaffolding.
¤ Examine the bucket at your feet.
¤ Pick up the bucket.
¤ Walk to the far left of the scaffolding.
¤ Examine the red arrow which appears on the control panel displayed on the
large screen.
¤ There is a half-open window at the top right-hand edge of the screen.
¤ Walk towards the window.
¤ When you are facing it, examine the window.
¤ Activate the window.
¤ You should be entering the building… but if not, click on the window.
¤ You will find yourself in a small room, walk up to the central door and
activate the door.
¤ Now carry on…

Typed by PHANTOM LORD. Edited by PARASITE.

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