ESP Soft has released a stunning Amstrad blaster: Galactic Tomb, Amstrad graphics and music brought to enhanced superior level.

Three kings ruled in the Ururben galaxy. Three kings for three kingdoms that did not base their civilization on technology but on magic.
Each of them had a fraction of power enough to revive another king, so the galactic triumvirate, based on peace and respect, seemed to be infinite. Infinite until the arrival of Shakar who, through dark arts, managed to overthrow and annihilate the three kings. Later he would impose technology as the standard of his empire and hide the mystical real bodies in three hidden tombs somewhere in the galaxy in order, if necessary, to use his incipient powers to help him maintain his artificial empire.

Third era of the Sow empire The last days of the emperor are arriving. After artificially prolonging his life to unsuspected limits, his medical team finds no way to prolong his reign. Shakar has been the longest-lived emperor in recorded history
and he is not willing to see the end of his days. What medicine can not solve will be the legends, myths and magic that surround the oldest of the imperial legends: The three tombs of Siemb.

You, as the most outstanding commander of the elite of the imperial army, are appointed to carry out the mission. Through three different worlds you will have to look for the mystical tombs in order to obtain the magical objects that will allow to prolong the life of the emperor even more.

The mission is not simple. Before you have to find the way to access the tombs, which are also guarded by three unique guardians of different times of the past, present and future. Each one of the worlds belongs to an enemy empire of the Siemb system and, of course, they will be hostile when passing through their territory.
In your first mission, the infiltration ship deposits you in a high risk zone due to the frequent meteor showers that the sector suffers. You are armed with a thermoatmospheric ray rifle and equipped with a technita alloy shell.

Pherenos is a planet with volcanic zones, rivers of lava and other dangers. This civilization, is much less advanced than the empire Siemb. Even so, they are fearsome enemies and great strategists who count on the terrain as their ally.

The area where you will intern is populated by the A’rnhs, dangerous reptilian beings armed with projectile rifles. We know that the A’rnhs have created a complex system of force fields that can be canceled by destroying the primitive generators that maintain them.

Your first goal in this mission is to find the key, hidden somewhere in the A’rnhs temple, which will allow you to access the first of the mystical tombs, guarded by the winged sentinel Ona’rk.

The teleporter of your infiltration ship has allowed you to hack the Robota fast transport network, materializing in the base TKG45, an acid waste processing plant, in which the objective of your second mission is found.

On this occasion, along with your standard equipment, you have a backpack with an energy self-generator. The backpack will require short periods of time to charge the auto generator after prolonged use.

The Robota world system must have been home to human wise for centuries, however, now its only dominant are machines. Hidden under a trapdoor is the ancient grave of Siemb.

Get the memory cards of the four main computers in the base. The four cards, assembled and inserted in a reader that you must locate, will allow you to access the secret room that conceals the grave of Siemb, protected by a security cybertech P310T0.

The base TKG45 is protected by the highest technology created in Robota and its main computers are protected by energy fields that you will have to annul destroying their corresponding generators scattered by the base. Beware of the sentinel drones, the recognition droids, the birdbaths and other security technology disseminated by the installation.

This time you are in command of a second generation A21 mini-sub. Your mini-sub is armed with two short-range lasers that will allow you to get rid of your enemies, as well as a helmet energizer, which will allow you to electrify the deck and get rid of enemies attached to the ship.

Microbia world is inhabited by different beings evolved from small microorganisms that leave you petrified before their very presence. They only have one goal: COME.
Find the silver key and the gold key to open the door lock that hides the last tomb. It only remains to defeat the last and most dangerous of the guardians of the three tombs and your mission will have come to an end.

You can use joystick or keyboard. The keys are custom.


Galactic Tomb [Prólogo] (pdf)
Galatic Tomb [Instrucciones ESP] (pdf)
Galactic Tomb [estuche disco] (zip/jpg)
Galactic Tomb [cover cassette] (pdf)

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