Game of Thrones 8bit

Game of Thrones 8bit
Game of Thrones 8bit

>Game of Thrones The 8 bit game is a freeware classic 8 bit videogame inspired by the world of Game of Thrones.
In this game you will play with 4 different characters of the TV show ( and books, of course ), each one with different attacks and habilities, through 4 levels full of enemies and challenges, based on different parts of the saga.
This game was created using the software Arcade Game Studio. Check it out!
The 8 bit covers of “Game of Thrones” and “Rain of Castemere” were created by Floating Point
Some background tilesets were created by Carl Olsson. Ckeck ou his pixel-art.
By the way, GoT The 8 bit game is completely free, so please make sure you share it with your friends!

Game of Thrones 8bit Download:

Game of Thrones The 8 bit game v. 1.0 DOWNLOAD!

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