Great Swordsman Tribute

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Great Swordsman Tribute

>A sword fighting game with three different types of sword play:

fencing, Kendo and Roman.

>Great Times playing this game back at 1984!!!

Manufacturer: Taito
Year: 1984
Class: Wide Release
Genre: Scrolling Fighter
Type: Videogame

Monitor :

  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
  • CRT: Color

Conversion Class: Taito Classic
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Competitive
Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player Ambidextrous
Controls :

  • Joystick: 2-way (left, right)
  • Buttons: 3 [Upward Attack|Middle Attack|Downward Attack]

Sound : Amplified Mono (one channel)



>To play it get Mame and then load Great Swordsman Rom , easy like the hell !!!

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