>Green Beret never got a full conversion for Amiga 500 but..


Between Unreal and Agony, we started working on a prototype of a game using Yves new tile-based editor (that was also used to create Agony). We were great fans of the Green Beret arcade game by Konami, and we talked with Ubisoft about doing a game with similar gameplay but in a more modern setting. One can presume Ubisoft at some point made this idea come true with the Tom Clancy games series.

However, Ubisoft’s interest faded out quickly and the project was abandoned. We moved on with the development of Agony.

I had produced a title screen (above) to setup the mood and look & feel for the game and tease the publisher. I used the same technique as in Agony, full blown overscan image in half-brite 64 color mode created in DeluxePaint III. All done pixel by pixel with a mouse.

Some work had been done on editing the first level, but to this date I have not been able to relaunch the editor. I only managed to recover a few test images and some concept sketches so far.

Although Green Beret has never been released for Amiga 500 it looks similar to FireForce.

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