If the idea of blasting your way through an battalion of heavy-chested, latex-suited and armed-to-the-teeth anime girls appeals to you, then Gunroad might well be the game you’ve been looking for.  For the rest of the more well-adjusted members of the global populace, HamCorossam’s unorthodox yet well-produced tribute to the gallery/rail coin-op shooters of old will still make a welcome change from the dozens of platformers and arena shooters that continue to flood the already over-saturated indie gaming scene.

For those of you who remember the coin-op classic Operation Wolf, Gunroad is essentially the same thing but with a ludicrous number of apparently cloned buxom beauties acting as enemy soldiers.  As you’d expect, control is via the mouse instead of an arcade cabinet mounted machine gun, with the left button acting as your primary trigger and the right button firing one of your limited number of grenades.  Once you get past the almost voyeuristic visuals there’s a good deal of nostalgic fun to be had, although with screaming girls, shells, blood and guts flying everywhere Gunroad is certainly not a game for everyone.


Download the game here (from HamCorossam’s website).
Download the game here (from the RGCD server).

Note that there are two versions available from HamCorossam’s website in the *.lzh format; full screen and windowed.  Some people have reported problems with running the full screen version (although it works fine here), and the recommended action is to change the program’s compatibility settings (right click on the program icon, and then select properties, compatibility tab).  Failing this, you can always change the compatibility settings of the windowed version (320×240) to ‘run in 640×480 resolution’.

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