Hard Reset

Hard Reset


 >It is the year 2436. Humanity has been fighting a loosing war against the robots. Now the remaining humans have been relocated to the walled city of Bezoar. The Sunshine corporation runs and protects a network called “Sanctuary,” where billions of (formerly living) human personalities are stored for possible future resurrection. The robots want Sanctuary to expand their limited A.I. and finish humanity off for good.

You are Major James Fletcher, a veteran soldier currently working with CLN. Word comes down that robots have breached Bezoar’s wall, and you are the only one in the area. Time to grab your CLN assault rifle and EEF-21 plasma gun and kick ass.

Strategy? We don’t need no stinkin’ strategy! Unlike modern shooters with their dozens of fighter classes and hundreds of weapons for each requiring players to selectively choose the right combo of fighter, weapons, and field strategy, Hard Reset simplifies things by giving you only two weapons; The CLN standard-issue modular assault rifle, and the EEF-21 plasma gun. Both weapons can be upgraded by collecting “n.a.n.o.s,” the currency used at any upgrade station. Each station gives you options for you guns like a shotgun module and grenade launchers for the CLN rifle, and tazer, rail, and smartgun options for the plasma gun. These weapon modules also have additional abilities like optical zoom, higher fire rates, and secondary firing modes. So the only strategy you need is having the right weapon at the right area.You also have defensive options like more life, better shields, more ammo with each pick-up, and time-warping drugs for when you are near death.You’re going to need all that stuff for when you face the bosses.

Hard Reset is HARD. Make no mistake about this, this game is HARD, and not just hard-core. Just how hard?

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