>It is a shooting game to fight back by reflecting enemy bullets . It looks like barrage game , but be action game basis counterattack timing is important because it is a rather . You do not need so much also avoid the bullet . Please to beat the enemy turn turn and move around to rough .

-Because it is approximately 15-20 minutes per game , busy modern people worry .

-Viewer Discretion is advised : Aliens Forms of Nudity .

[ Requirements ]

Environment in which the Japanese version of Microsoft Windows 9x / Me / 2000 / XP
to work
Recommended 4 2Ghz or more environment ※ Pentium DirectX7.1 or more to work .
Operation is the slow CPU · The graphics card low speed .

[Starting ]

Please make a 60Hz refresh rate of the monitor .
It is a game start after thawing in the appropriate folder , running the hellbound_v100.exe.
※ problem was introduced as a result of using this program , for any defects or damages , I do not assume the responsibility at all.

[ How to uninstall ]

Please throw away the trash for each folder because you have not played around the registry .

[ Development Environment ]

· CPU Pentium 4,2.8 Ghz
Memory 512MB
Video card RADEON 9100 IGP Ver. 6.14
· LGP3 ver01.02.26

TroubleShooting etc. [ known ]

• There is the transmittance of a character is not to be a graphics card RADEON system . ( I think now , maybe no problem . )
• To extract the folder there is a thing you do not want to start error “Failed to M @ MIDILOAD ” Japanese is included in the path to the executable file is out of → alphabetic characters .
• If it Does not start well , if the display is not correct , please try to the latest DirectX drivers and motherboard , graphics card , sound card, etc. .


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