Henrys House Remake

Creator: Chris Murray
Musician: Chris Murray
Genre: Platformer, Single Screen
Players: 1 Only

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Amiga Henry’s House



Game description: A game from the eighties Atari 800XL. Being tiny must be difficult for anyone, but especially for the Prince’s son. For Henry, heir to the throne (at some point down the line) henry has foolishly been drinking strange potions found in the palace laboratory and now finds himself a mere 6 inches tall. So,can you Help Henry to find the antidote

In this platformer, the player has to guide Henry through the numerous rooms of his house. Each room is a screen-sized level filled with deadly household-items such as toothbrushes, teapots, flying toast or coffee machines. Touching one of these objects or falling from too high kills Henry. The goal of each room is to reach the exit, however, before the exit opens up, Henry has to collect a key and all items that are spread throughout the level. In order for a key to appear, Henry usually has to collect a special item that sometimes adds more obstacles to a room.


Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
Published On: June 30, 2013
hbhzth – 2013-02-18
Great game. Shows how one can successfully use hires graphics AND multicolor at the same time. Something few people notice is fonts. This game got a wonderful 1×1 font. Chris Murray, you’re a star on the C64 games heaven
SheldonCooper – 2013-01-14
9/10 Feb 85 p91Commodore Horizons
6/10 Feb 85 p14Home Computing Weekly
5/5 22 Jan 85
4/5 19 Feb 85 p25Your 64
5/5 Apr 85 p41Your Commodore
4/5 Mar 85 p61

Score 85.00

Nevland – 2010-10-20
I had loved this game in nearly 20 years. Great!!! But I don`t think I could have lived in a house like that myself…
Emperor Roscoe – 2010-08-31
It looks the part, but it plays like a piece of shit. Hated the controls. The jumping motion is almost as bad as Manky.
davidiocarp – 2010-01-18
This game was very good.
i loved when i was a child
holds lots of memories as a kid.very good game.
Demon – 2009-10-06
Loved it, but never managed to beat the cellar’s level… How do you dodge the bat?
gonzouk – 2009-05-23
This was the first game I ever played on a C64 and one of the first computer games I ever played, holds lots of memories as a kid.Great game.
Gurt – 2008-03-25
I loved this game when I was a kid. It’s not hard to see why: Lovely graphics and plenty of variety in locations. It could be hard, but it was fun! And it was very interactive, too. It’s an excellent game even now and I strongly recommend any platform fans to try it, as well as C64 fans in general. Thanks, Chris, for an awesome game and making my childhood that much more awesome!I wonder how Prince Harry would feel about this game now?Right on Commander!> Completing the game loops the game from the first scene.
Right on Commander! – 2007-03-03
I played ‘Henry’s House’ on my C64 when I was a wee chap of around 9 or 10 years old. I found it highly addictive and a real pleasure to play.
(Note to the critics: “No it wasn’t the only game I owned for the C64!) Hehe.I spent hours and hours of fond memories and frustration eagerly playing ‘Henry’s House’ especially on ‘Room 8’ where a witch keeps brewing up a bat (if I remember rightly) that was a right pest to get past. Oooooh I came so close to completing this game! Oh well maybe one day I’ll give it another go:-)Nostalgia has a big part in why I adore this game so much but that, my dear C64 admirers, is no crime. This game along with a selected few to me is what the Commodore C64 was & is all about. You learn something new everyday on this site and to be programmed by a Chris when he was 16 was a bloody 5 star achievement indeed!Quality programming so that’s why I have voted this game 10 out of 10.
Thank you very much Mr Chris Murray for a pleasant memory, you are a star and a half!
jonttu – 2006-05-22
Good game! I played it a lot as a kid, and still play it some times.
stooart – 2005-12-28
One of my earlier memories of C64 greatness, I think I got this on 10 computer hits vol 2. Anyway, a nice little platformer with nice big colourful graphics and some cracking touches, such as the reporter on TV that then turns to static! good memories of me and my bro getting stuck into this one.
madadam – 2005-10-21
Henry’s House was a great game, that had my whole family engrossed for ages. It is an awesome game. Enough said.
chr1sbean – 2005-08-26
I actually played this first on my Atari 65xe which I loved dearly, and when I finally upgraded to the C64 this was one of the first games I bought. Spent many hours on it but the Atari version seemed to have something extra over the C64 version.
Gawain – 2004-09-19
A great arcade game… If you have MUCH time and a good eye-hand coordination.
Grim*Fandango – 2004-07-18
One of the best platformgames ever.
Monkeygod – 2004-03-04
One of the best C64 games. Full stop. No arguing. I said ONE OF, not THE best!
Kriko – 2003-11-10
The first C-64 game I really got hooked on… Great atmosphere, love the kitchen/bathroom levels. Never finished that last nightmarish cellar though Thanks Chris for making this!
Goldark – 2003-10-08
I finished this game countless times! So the REAL number of level is 8 the screenshot is pretty clear, and I remember that the last chamber is the one with the coffin.
Rhod – 2003-09-08
It’s just been brought to my attention that I might have got the number of levels in this game incorrect in my last comments. I am currently working my way through the game to double check but if anyone can help, I would be eternally gratefull.
Dave – 2003-07-20
One of the best C64 games. I only ever finished it twice. It really helped make the 80’s such a cool time for gaming.
Lee – 2003-07-13
I also played this game quite a bit and got lots of fun out of it.
Rhod – 2003-06-20
One of my favourite games at the time but I remember it was extreamly frustrating as there was no save/continue option. Just completed it (12 levels) this afternoon thanks to my emulators save function.
TWR – 2003-05-21
This game was lost for me for years, but when I got hold of it again (no emulator shit) I remember why I never missed it so much. It is simple. Graphics and sound -simple !!! Game-play – pretty OK (u.s.a.) !!!
Danabnormal – 2003-03-25
One of the bestest games ever. Me and my sis would play it for hours, and always get stuck on the same level. Never actually completed it (how many levels were there?), and everytime I died that ‘crash’ sound made my heart drop.
Alexander Istad – 2003-03-03
I just wanted to tell Chris that this is one of my favourite games “ever”. You have no idea how much fun I have had with this game…Thanks
Chris – 2003-01-31
Hi folks, I’m the author. I think its amazing you guys are still playing this. I was 16 when I wrote this one (now you can work out how much of an old fart I am). I still have the source code in my loft. The game was originally going to be called Home Sweet Home (hence the graphic) but the publisher was trying to cash in on Prince Harry who was recently born. I ported it to the Atari 8-bit a few years later for Mastertronic and it plays a lot better. What’s the highest legit score?
Robert Yaw – 2003-01-16
I had the original on tape, but back then, just as now, it left me feeling very cold, due it’s unforgiving controls.
Tom – 2003-01-08
Damn great game. In my opinion the best arcare game on C64. This game is a MUST!!!
ian – 2002-12-24
Damn fine game. Remember it will. It got quite hard I remember
blagger – 2002-10-19
Simple and addictive but once you completed it, it’s over.
Roland – 2002-10-14
I don’t much know why I play it more than 5xtimes
I thig she has an werry strong atmosphere of some family idila.
Rambler – 2002-02-19
Super cool game. The first one I really got hocked on !…
Popsicle – 2002-02-04
This is the first game I can remember I ever played… I was 3 years old…
resize – 2002-01-22
A very enterainment game. Still going strong after 18 years

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