Humanoid Monster Bem

Yōkai Ningen Bem

Humanoid Monster Bem

(妖怪人間ベム Yōkai Ningen Bemu, translated officially as Humanoid Monster Bem)
is a Japanese TV anime series, which first aired in Japan
on Fuji TV between October 7, 1968 (the 43rd year of the Shōwa) and March 31, 1969
(the 44th year of the Shōwa), on its 19:30-20:00 timeslot.

It spanned 26 episodes.
The series was later remade into a second TV anime series,
which premiered on April 2006 in Japan on Animax,
featuring a new cast, with a total of 26 episodes also produced.
The remake was also later aired by Animax across its other international networks,
including its English language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia,
for which Animax produced an English dub under the title Humanoid Monster Bem.



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