Hunters Moon Remake


Hunters Moon Remake


It’s a blaster without equal: a beautifully-crafted combination of puzzle game and pulsating action. You’re stranded in a universe of organic, self-regenerating hives, and to escape you need to capture the starcells which lie at their heart. You only have two problems. Problem One: the starcells are heavily protected by traps, puzzles and erratic, worm-like creatures. Problem Two: there are 128 levels ahead of you, spread across 16 star systems.

To make things worse, each new system contains a different kind of hive. Some host wormcells which roam randomly through space, others feature stargates, switchers, darkcells and indestructible walls. The good news is you have a radar which reveals where the starcells can be found; and if you capture flashing starcells before the time limit expires, you don’t have to complete all 128 levels. The bad news is the later stages get so tough, you couldn’t care less about time limits: survival is the name of the game.

>The Remake :

The C64 Classic Hunter’s Moon by Thalamus owns its retroremake

by the divine Ovine Design aka Trevor Smila Storey :





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