Icaros Amiga OS


Icaros Amiga OS

Version 1.1 of your new AROS distribution has finally been released. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s more stable, and includes all the most urgent features any hobbyst, usable operating system should have. Icaros Desktop has everything VmwAROS already had, with many improvements you’ll surely love, like the integration of the modern web browser OWB (which can now open HTML file on your hard drive clicking on them, or launching some famous cloud-computing web applications straight from AmiStart), the addition of the wonderful PDF reader ArosPDF, the vastly-improved AmiBridge thanks to Janus-UAE 0.3 and many, many more.

New since VmwAROS 1.0.2:

– changed name to Icaros Desktop
it’s faster!!!
– added OWB
– added opening HTML files from hard drive
– Direct launcher for many web applications
– improved AmiBridge with Janus-UAE 0.3
– faster Amiga emulation: more sessions possible
– fixed Picasso96 support under emulation
– Running Amiga emulation full screen now possible
– added support for Amiga Forever 2008
– added ArosPDF and removed PoorPDF
– added status bar and other improvements to Wanderer
– updated system files to March 22nd, 2009
– added Drascula adventure game for ScummVM
– updated ScummVM to version 0.12
– added support for iMica network card
– added new background pictures
– updated and fixed MarranoFTP
– updated Radeon driver (better 24 bit support)
– added abrick and some other games
– updated amimemos, finder and simpleeditor
– MPlayer now supports encrypted DVDs
– Music and movie icon files access
– added mkisofs, ptplay, wiiloader and many others
– added awin for Windows-like keyboard shortcuts
– added lookhere image browser and viewer
– updated Wookiechat to version 2.11
– UHCI check before enabling USB support
– less verbose VmwUpdate, now called Updater
– improved overall system stability
– updated libraries and development chain
– updated QEMU files for Live! version

ABOUT AROS, www.aros.org
Do you remember the good old Amiga times? Computing was funny and almost never a pain. AmigaOS was really easy to understand and, thanks to its elegance and optimisation, could run excellent applications on low-spec machines, without wasting hardware resources. But it was ages ago. The AROS Research Operating System tries to port al the good things of AmigaOS on other platforms, being an open-source re-implementation (rewritten from scratch) of Amiga API and environment.

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