>The alien (code name:”IFRIT“) has made a surprise attack.
But, the military strength which fights against us at them There is nothing.
However, it participated in the war for “IFRIT” destruction of a certain fighter
which received the SOS call which us sent.
The fighter is outdated and weapon have only the beam which destroys an alien.
Can an intense enemy’s attack be stopped by outdated weapon?
And the pilot of the outdated fighter is you.

This game is an orthodox shooting game.
Let’s destroy the enemy plane which appears one after another.
It’s a STAGE CLEAR when the protector who appears in the last of a stage is destroyed.
It’s all 3 stage clearances and is an 1-round loop.There is simple ending.
An enemy’s attack becomes intense whenever LOOP increases.
It’s game over when the stock of a fighter is lost.
A fighter extend(s) one set every 100,000 points.

>Tips :

– When a high score, the maximum attainment stage, or longest play time is updated
and it becomes game over, data is recorded as game status.
When record is exceeded, a message comes out at the time of game over.

– A favorite stage can be chosen by CONTINUE STAGE.
However, it’s to the stage which had carried out until now.
Moreover, it’s to the maximum stage 25.

– An enemy’s attack becomes intense whenever LOOP increases.
The difficulty to LOOP 9 is Prepared.
There are some enemies who appear after LOOP 2.

– An enemy’s score is stage x100points.
A protector’s score is 10,000 points.

– There is no urgent evasion system like “the bomb which annihilates an enemy”.
Only your technique saves you.

– Please delete the “ifr.ini” file in a folder with ifrit.exe
to initialize settings.

– Please delete the “status.dat” file in a folder with ifrit.exe
to initialize game status.

>Description :

– Since an enemy is an alien, he penetrates a substance.
But, since the cartridge which an enemy shoots is a substance for destroying a fighter,
a substance is not penetrated.Incidentally, now, it’s not solving “why they penetrate”.

– Since their own weapons are special weapons made in order to beat an alien,
they penetrate a substance.

– Probably, it will be good to attack utilizing these effectively
and avoiding an enemy’s cartridge using a meteorite group or fire wall.



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