>The debut release from Magnetic Realms is a Sci-Fi action adventure called “Inescapable”.
Unravel the mystery uncovered by a remote interplanetary mining operation. What did they find? What threat does it pose? And ultimately, what does it truly mean to be a hero?
Side scrolling action combined with adventure style puzzles.
A large world to explore with an intriguing story and an unusual, thought-provoking ending.
Hand drawn pixel art for a classic Amiga/Atari ST 16-bit era graphical style.
Features optional CRT screen simulation effect for a more authentic look on modern LCD monitors.
Available DRM-free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Available DRM-free for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

System Requirements:
Pentium 3 or higher CPU with SSE
Graphics card with OpenGL 1.1 support

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP or higher
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher
Recent Linux distribution with glibc 2.13 or higher and ALSA.

Screenshots :

screen9 screen1 screen4

Nexus23 Labs Review :
>Inescapable is the perfect demonstration and overall proof
that Retro Games are still the cyber pulse that connects
the Past and the Future of Videogames .
It’s the kind of game that we wished to play when we turned on
C64 or the Amiga or any 8 or 16 bit , like Spectrum or MSX , etc.
Thanks to Magnetic Realms we can still live , although with a melancholy “partially”,
the feeling that we had when we played during 80’s and 90’s .
That’s it .
So Run and Click for Pay a Copy of Inescapable , you won’t regret it as we didn’t .

Thanks Magnetic Realms and We can’t wait for your next title ,
we suspect that it will be again another great blast from the past !

So you earned 5stars !!!!!

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