Internet Virus Zoo


Internet Virus Zoo


What is VirusZoo?

VirusZoo is fun and safe way to play with different malware and viruses on a shared virtual machine.

Think of it like a virus aquarium in the cloud!

What’s the point?

There is no point to this project either, just a for fun :)

There is no target audience for this project, it’s for whoever find it interesting or useful.

Is this safe?

Absolutely. No viruses or malware are present on this web server. As a precaution, a daily antivirus scan is performed on the web server.

The virtual machine is not connected to the internet. The host machine (Mac OS X with firewall) is connected, but the VM software (VMWare Fusion) has it’s networking disabled.

Where did you get the idea?

Here’s a comic from XKCD that got me thinking about the idea of VirusZoo.
(click to see a see a bigger version from the original site)


How does it work?

A virtual machine under VMWare is running on a different machine from the web server. Once a virus is triggered through VirusZoo, the file is executed on the virtual machine.

The virtual machine is wiped clean to a stable state every night, or every time it crashed or become unresponsive due to virus activity.

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