Jetpack is a 1983 platform game originally published
by Ultimate Play The Game (UK) then Re-released by Microbyte (Spain)
Ricochet (UK), Sinclair Research Ltd (UK) and Ventamatic (Spain)
The object of the levels is to collect all of the green emeralds scattered around the level while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Once accomplished, a door opens which the player must go through in order to advance to the next level. There is a single player, and a local multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode supports up to eight players, where players take turns on the same machine.

The player is aided in his quest by a jetpack and a phase shifter, which allows tunnelling through certain walls. The environments, which usually consist of mazes of bricks, also feature vines, gold, ladders, ice, boxes, pillars, and conveyor belts. Other obstacles include jagged rocks, force fields, teleport pads, and indestructible bricks. In order to keep his jetpack running, the player has to collect fuel, by means of single/double tanks or fuel grids.

The game includes a simple level editor. Numerous levels have been published on Adept Software’s website. The registered game features 100 pre-built levels. The developers also released a hintbook containing screenshots and a short piece of advice for every level.




Jetpac version 1 – written on the Amiga using Amos. I just liked the Charlie Fotheringham Grunes sprite from Nodes so I stuck a jetpack on his back and hey presto, an up do date version of Jetpac. Never got finished!

Jetpac version 2 – started this one in the mid 90’s. It’s written on the premise that if you can get a pointer to the screen memory, and plot a pixel, then you can do anything. That’s how I started games programming on the PC and it’s horrible. Thus, canned.

Jetpac version 3 – (or Solar Jetpack) was a project I used to learn DirectX. Now DirectX is lovely and powerful, but for the amateur games programmer it’s a bit over the top and I got sick of learning it. I yearned for the care free days of Allegro :o)

So, Jetpac version 4 was started and finally I’ve managed to complete a Jetpack clone. It’s been written using the Allegro games programming library. I used said tool for Klass of 99 and Fairlight.

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