JAWS ZX Spectrum



>In the 80’s Mirrorsoft commissioned to programmers Dave and Sara Crud a Jaws ZX Spectrum game based on the original Steven Spielberg’s movie. It remained unreleased until Matt Round released the “Jaws: The Text Adventure” for playability in your browser. Einar Saukas has now ported the HTML version for the ZX Spectrum.

Using Sinclair BASIC statements, JAWS the texture adventure is a pretty fine retro based game, that has you playing as the dreaded shark in a task to eat as much as possible. Although it doesn’t have any in game music, just beeps. JAWS is certainly appealing as you’ll be eating animals and people and for those that don’t get eaten, scared out of the water.
It’s strange to think that it has taken this long to finally end up on the ZX Spectrum, a game that by right should’ve been on the ZX first and not as a HTML release. But whichever version you decide to play, it’s a damn fine adventure and really does feel like you are JAWS!



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