Kane is a multi-section action game published by Mastertronic, originally for the Commodore 64 in 1986. The game was then ported to a wide variety of other home computers. The game is set in the Wild West, and its name is a reference to the main character of the film High Noon. The game consists of four distinct scenes, although some versions only contain two. A sequel to the game was released in 1988.
The player takes the role of Sheriff of the town of Kane. The game is split into four levels, two of which are shooting games using an on-screen target and two of which are side-scrolling action sequences on horseback. Only the shooting levels are present in all versions of the game. These may be played separately in the practice mode (with only one try given), but in order to complete and win the game, they must be played successively. The progress in the first scene defines the tries given in the next scenes.

Kane 2 was released in 1988 for the C64 but was not ported to any other machines. It is very similar to the first game with almost identical graphics and gameplay. Scene 1 is a riding and shooting level, scene 2 is a shooting level (like scene 3 in the first game), scene 3 is a challenge to tame a bronco and scene 4 is a riding level. The lack of improvement over two years after the original lead to neqative reviews. Zzap!64 gave a score of 33% and said “It’s not abysmal, it’s just that it doesn’t really approach the standards required of a good budget program these days. Kane was good for its time, but in mid 1988 Kane II just doesn’t appeal in the same way”.

>Kane Remake :

Author’s note:

Original Game: Kane (C) Mastertronic 1986
This game was ported to multiple platforms, but the remake
is based on the Amstrad CPC 464 version.

Different Modes:

Bird Shoot:

Shoot as many vultures as you can before you run out of arrows. You score medals for every 3 vultures you shoot. The medals are used as lives throughout the remainder of the game. The more vultures you shoot, the more medals and the better chance of completing the game.

Horse Ride to Kane:

Race to Kane against the clock, jumping all manner of obstacles along the way.

Shoot-out In the Town of Kane:

Clear Kane of those no good bandits. Watch out though, the bandits don’t want to leave, and are gunnin’ for you too.

Stop the train:

The train track is out, and the train driver doesn’t know. Race to the front of the train and warn the driver, before its too late. Jump the obstacles and stop the train.



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