<Kung Fury: Street Rage is a video game by Hello There Software House who gets references from 80s martial arts and action films of this genre,

filled with irony, b-Movie trash, funny quotes. Hello There partnered up with Laser Unicorns.

Hello There explains that the game “contains the same kind of love for the 80’s as the film; old school arcade graphics, beat ‘em up gameplay, an epic synth soundtrack and endless action.”

Well it looks a lot like the beat em up classics from 80s to early 90s like Double Dragon, Dragon Ninja, and especially Renegade.

Surprisingly the developers announced a limited edition of Kung Fury: Street Rage for Commodore 64 in its Compact Cassette tape, just as once. In case you still own a working Commodore 64 or you plan to re buy one somewhere.


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