The Game & Watch (G&W) series were handheld electronic games made by Nintendo
and created by its game designer Gunpei Yokoi from 1980 to 1991.
Most featured a single game that could be played on an LCD screen,
in addition to a clock and an alarm. Most titles had a ‘GAME A’ and a ‘GAME B’ button.
The units used LR4x/SR4x “button-cell” batteries, the same type used in most laser pointer devices.
There are variations in height for button cell batteries, and the G&W units used the shorter height variety.
Specifically, they were packaged with Maxell LR43 batteries.


We made a compilation with :

-Amazone by Bandai Electronics
-Digital Invader aka Casio Invaders
-MrFranken by Bandai Electronics
-Pancake by MADrigal-Vtech
-Penguin Land by Bandai Electronics
-Pirate by MADrigal-VTech
-Popeye by Nintendo
-Terror House by Akuryo No Yakata
-Tetris by Nintendo Toymax
-Tron by MADrigal-Tomy


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>Popeye Nintendo , pretty famous. I remember playing it , it was very addictive, but being a pioneer entertainment these little games could easily lead kids to nerves just when a match began in the wrong way. I squashed mine over the ground and so I broke its lcd display. I regret this action since then , a very pity.


amazon2 amazon2t

I got Hikyo Amazone in the June of 1986 . It was an advanced game watch being “fueled” by LCD Solarpower cells . Also its elegant and compact design was still back then pretty unique ! A nice adventure of a Livingstone alike dude through the dangers of a mysterious land , monsters, caves . In the long distance pretty boring but I still remember the good smell of its plastic. Unforgettable !

bandaigundam1 bandaigundam2

>The RX-78 Gundam by Bandai Electronics was brought to me by my dad from Japan. It was an extra elegant and different kind of game watch that came with a different play command in feature like the small joystick in vertical watching the display. Addictive when reaching the battle robot level whom used to change in a crescent difficulty level.

pancake pancaket

>Pancake was a pretty common game watch, just to prove that Popeye “sacrifice” served to something… I remember that after many matches I was able to push it to the maximum record levels ! It was great and my nerves were calm and strong playing it !

terroh terrorht tetris tetrist



Penguinland was a level jump in quality. 2 players in real time , 2 displays showing simultaneously the same match , innovation in the kind of anime inspiration , a penguin ( the animal became symbol of computers (MSX) and later operative systems (Linux) and a seal in a funny battle through the pole ice.

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