>Leap of Fate is a hardcore action game in which you play a powerful mage facing a twisted version of reality. Do you have the skills needed to survive the trials, and forge yourself a new fate?

LEAP OF FATE features

A modern, dystopian fantasy with multiple alternate endings
Fast-paced action that will test your skills to the limit
A large pool of magical abilities that can be combined in countless ways
Randomly-generated levels and upgrades


LEAP OF FATE’s action is fast, skillful, and unforgiving. You only have one life to progress as far as you can in a session, and since there is no automatic health regeneration, damage must be avoided at all costs. Surviving requires good positioning, effective offense, and finding a way to abuse whatever combination of magical abilities you happen to have upgraded in that session.

Magical upgrades
In LEAP OF FATE, every play session provides you with randomly generated ways to grow your magic. There are four aspects to a mage’s powers

Mobility skills
Passive skills
Attack skills
Equipable glyphs

New York city, present day. Unbeknownst to the average man, and hiding in the shadows of the city, are those who can manipulate the very fabric of reality. These mages, sometimes known as cabalists, technomancers, or illuminati, use their extraordinary abilities to further the goals of their secret societies, often pulling strings from behind the scenes. But power comes at a terrible price and forever alters the fate of those wielding it.

In LEAP OF FATE, you play a fugitive mage who heeds the call of an arcane temple hidden within the city. Through this lethal rite of passage, you will face countless challenges while growing your magical abilities. If you survive, you will forge yourself a new fate. But what if life was not one path, but rather a branching tree leading to different futures; would you be tempted to explore them all?

LEAP OF FATE features four unique mages, each with an intricate backstory and deep emotional scars. You’ll explore the alternate futures of these wielders of magic.


Aeon, the shadow mage
Big Mo, the technomancer
Mukai, the spirit channeler
Rasimov, the rogue occultist

and much more details !!!!


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