Lunar Rescue Remakes


Lunar Rescue is an arcade game released by Taito in 1979. It contains elements that resemble both Taito’s own Space Invaders (and is sometimes listed as a Space Invaders spin-off) as well as Atari‘s Lunar Lander released that same year.


>Lunar Rescue Remakes :



>Solar Rescue Denetsu has beautiful graphics and excellent sounds. The objective is simple just to rescue the astronauts .On a downside, after I rescue the astronauts, I cannot make it safety to the carrier. It is difficult
to return back to the carrier.I only managed to return once.Who knows maybe you can fared better than me?

Author Description
Emergency, emergency, natural disasters are occurring all over the Solar System! As a member of the Solar Response Team, travel to the moon, Mars, and Europa as you lift stranded astronauts out to safety, watch out for strong winds, falling rocks and gas vents as you negotiate the hazardous terrain. Watch your fuel as you fight the gravity… But hey it shouldn’t be a problem for an ace pilot like yourself!

This is a remake of a remake of Lunar Rescue a game by Taito… Originally the Title was being developed by A group called TSAP media headed by Dan “PulseCode” Owen, We picked it up from them once he had moved on to other things, Added some extra Gameplay features, two hidden modes, some new worlds and released it as Solar Rescue Denetsu Instead of Lunar Rescue Denetsu, We did not mess with the control Scheme that was orginally programmed by TSAP as they really wanted to leave it as is, This makes the game difficult at first but once you get the hang of it you will have no issues… Can you find the two hidden modes that are hiding amongst the Levels?

Controls : Arrows keys, ctrl to fire

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