>A few years ago, mankind survived the attack of the Evil Masters. Now , an even bigger threat endangers the existence of the whole world… mankind itself.


After the liberation, total chaos ruled, and humans returned to one of their old habits : making war.

A group of fanatics whose hate-rooted objective was to exterminate the human race, made a plan to gain control over the Apocalypser, the pinnacle of the defenses developed against the Evil masters , and to use it.

Its inventors , well aware that such a weapon had the unthinkable potential of destroying the Earth, stored it in a secret abandoned nuclear waste repository. Sadly one fatal day the site was discovered.


So the fanatics switched to ON the Apocalypser then settings to increase maximum power and hid its deactivation mechanism behind many software bitwalls, constantly protected by sentient and tireless virtual guards.

Countdown started. Maybe somebody can still hack their way into the system, crack the bitwalls , and give humankind another chance .

Your objective : Try to stop the countdown within 90 minutes , while obstructed by the ApocalypShield , a software made of 24 security bitwalls and virtual guards.

Your only tool is named PeekPoker and to disable a bitwall, You must clear a number of bitbricks , Phase A , then enter a password , Phase B.

Any bitwall got a different port, unlocking it you get to Phase C .

Furthermore, any three bitwall you have to pass through a protected channel and collect enough keys, Phase D.

Remember that if you get caught many times on Phase C and D you will be “ejected” from the System but you can re hack your access stealing a key and then opening a cell , Phase J.

Finally, you have to defeat the last defenses and switch the countdown interrupts , Phase E.

Read more at its website for Map and Schema.

Credits :

Code  …. saimo of Retream
Music  …. saimo of Retream
Graphics  …. saimo of Retream
Design  …. saimo of Retream
Docs  …. saimo of Retream

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