>Thanos mounts the six Infinity Gems on his left glove to form the titular Infinity Gauntlet.


Each Gem grants its bearer complete mastery over one aspect of the universe: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power.
Now all-powerful and desperate to win the affections of Death, Thanos decides to offer the entity a gift of love by completing a task she had given him, erasing half the sentient life in the universe (including most of the X-Men, Daredevil, and the Fantastic Four), quite literally with a snap of his fingers. The surviving heroes on Earth band together guided by the newly-resurrected Adam Warlock to battle Thanos.
In a bid to impress Death, Thanos allows the heroes a slight chance of winning. Can you save the universe?


Title: Marvel Super Heroes War Gems
Gender:  Beat’ em up
Engine: OpenBor
Language: English
Ports: Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii, PSP, Dingoo, Wiz, Gp2x, DreamCast
License: Freeware 

-Game features:

>DOWNLOAD -(updated  november 2014) version.1.3

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