<This video by Mikael Brain was made in 2010 and is intended to document the actions and events in a typical Men In Grey intervention.

<The Men In Grey (2009-2014) was a conspiracy, applied research framework and street intervention series that sought to engender greater techno-political subjectivity among computer users as to the growing risk of mass surveillance on computer networks.

To do this, the Men In Grey deployed intervention strategies within the frame ‘DISSECT / REFLECT’, asserting that only when networked computer users are made to tangibly witness their vulnerabilities will they reach vital criticality, or a ‘healthy paranoia’.

Wireless exploits, content manipulation and total exposure were tools primary to the street interventions. Alongside, the narrative of a secret society of men in grey suits – active for many years in surveillance cells around the world – served as the frame.

The Men In Grey had public appearances throughout Europe, in Tokyo (Japan) and Lima (Peru).

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