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>Mikro-Gen was a UK software company based in Bracknell, Berkshire that produced games for home computers in the early to mid-1980s.

The company was formed by Mike Meek and Andrew Laurie in 1981, in order to capitalise on the growing boom of microcomputers in the home.The company had a solid reputation but became more prominent with its series of games featuring Wally Week and his family, all of which got excellent reviews in the highly respected computer magazine Crash. Later, the company invested £130,000 in producing the Mikro Plus,which shadowed the Spectrum’s 16K ROM with RAM, allowing 64K of data for games. However, only one title, Shadow of the Unicorn was produced.

The company was brought out by Creative Sparks Distribution in 1987, which subsequently went into receivership.

>The Mikro-Gen best titles (selected by us) are :


  • Automania (Download) – 1984; Reviewed in Crash with an overall score of 88% : Automania PC uses all the original Spectrum graphics enlarged, coloured and given that ‘Speccyvision’ look. It’s basically what the Spectrum version would have been with a broader palette and without that famous colour clash problem. See right how the original Wally has been given the Speccyvision treatment.
  • Pyjamarama – 1984. Reviewed in Crash issue 10 – 92%
  • Everyone’s A Wally – 1985. Reviewed in Crash issue 14 – 93%
  • Herbert’s Dummy Run – 1985. Reviewed in Crash issue 18 – 90%
  • and :
  • Battle of the Planets – 1985-1986. Reviewed in Crash issue 26 – 71%


Battle of the Planets (1978) is an American adaptation of the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (1972).Of the 105 original Gatchaman episodes, 85 were used in the Battle of the Planets adaptation, produced by Sandy Frank Entertainment. The adaptation was generally faithful to the plot and character development of the original Gatchaman series, but significant additions and reductions were made in order to increase appeal to the North American television market of the late 1970s, as well as avoid controversy from parents; most notable were the removal of elements of graphic violence and profanity.

As of June 2013, Sentai Filmworks have licensed the Gatchaman franchise. An oft-delayed CGI film based on the franchise, Gatchaman, last slated for a 2011 release from Warner Bros., was officially canceled in June 2011. However, a live-action Gatchaman feature film was released in Japan in August 2013.


* [T64] BATTLE OF the Planets (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)
* [T64] BATTLE OF the Planets (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)[a]
* [T64] BATTLE OF the Planets (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)[cr DCS]


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