Moebius GoatLizard


The Story
Insatiable lust for all things cosmic brings Moebius to the world of Amiga where he must collect inter-galactic stuff to help feed his dirty collecting habit. Or somethign along those lines.

Run around collectng the inter-galactic aliens, avoiding things and generally have a right rollicking good time doing it.
Controlled with joystick. P to pause, Esc to quit.

(P to save high scores on the title screen).

Plot (ish)
You are Moebius Goatlizard, esteemed collector of
all things, looking to elevate his gathering prowess
to new heights blasts off to collect as many randomly
generated 8 bit aliens as moebiusly possible, else
bringing shame to his reputation.

The Game
Use the joystick to move Moebius left and right
gathering up all 48 aliens scattered around the level.
You may walk off either edge of the screen to re-appear
on the level above (if you walk left) or the level
below (if you walk right). You may use the blue shaded
teleport pads to teleport up or down only when you are
standing on one. This is important to note, you can not
use a teleport pad that is above you, you *must* be stood
on a pad for it to permit teleportation.

Moebius has developed the skill to bend space and time.
Use this new found ability wisely. You start the
game with 3 such “hyperspace” charges, but these can be
replenished along the way. Invoking a hyperspace will
cause Moebius to disappear and reappear somewhere else.
You’ll have a moment or two of invulnarability while
you get your bearings, but don’t hang about for too long!

Avoid the evil alien guardians patrolling the levels,
and watch out for the bombs that may appear. You will
lose a life if you hit a guardian. You will likewise
lose a life if you run out of time.

Game Modes
Easy – 10 levels, starting off at a gentle pace, this
– shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge with some
– practise.
Tricky – Erm, a bit trickier than easy with different level
– layouts
Hard – 10 levels, much er, harder. Beat this and you’ve
– you can give yourself a good pat on the back.
Mental – The tricky layouts mixed with hard level. Mental!
Survival – 100 levels, randomly generated
– make it through this and you can consider yourself
2 player – Get a friend to control Evil Moebius alongside you.
– This is a Vs game, the player with the highest score
– is the winner. Played over as many levels as it takes.

You’ll get the opportunity to pick up some bonus items to
help you along the way. Each last for a limited time period.

(S) Speed up
(I) invulnerability
(F) Freeze the guardians
(£) Bonus points
(:)) Extra life
(H) Pick up 3 hyperspaces

P = Pause
Esc = Escapes back to menu, and then back out to WB/CLI
Joystick controls Moebius left/right/up/down, fire
button to invoke hyperspace.

Press P on the title screen to save current high scores.


Good luck :) and DOWNLOAD

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