Monkey Island Remake


Monkey Island Remake


LucasArts released a remake with updated audiovisuals titled The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition in July 2009 for iPhone, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360exclusively via download.PlayStation 3, Mac OS and iPad versions followed early in 2010 for download on their respective services.LucasArts confirmed the game’s development on June 1, 2009; rumors appeared several days earlier when the Xbox 360 version of the game received an USK rating.The game was first displayed to the public at the 2009 E3 in June.   

The remake features hand-drawn visuals with more detail, a remastered musical score, voice work for characters, and a hint system. The developers included the function to switch between the remade and original audiovisuals at will.

The remake’s idea was conceived in 2008 by LucasArts’s game producer Craig Derrick and his team.After researching the Monkey Island series‘ history, they decided to make “something fresh and new while staying true to the original”, which resulted in the idea of The Secret of Monkey Island’s remake.The developers tried to leave much of the original design unchanged. Any changes were intended to achieve the level of immersion desired for the original. To that end, they added details like a pirate ship or pirates talking in the background of scenes. While the team considered the SCUMM interface revolutionary at the time, LucasArts community manager Brooks Brown noted that it is incompatible with an analog stick, which most consoles use. The designers made the cursor contextual to the game objects as the primary interface. Brown had considered updating the reference to advertise Star Wars: The Force Unleashed because Loom was not on the market at the time, but concluded that the game would not be the same if such changes were implemented.Prior to the Special Edition release, however, LucasArts announced that Loom, along with other games from its back catalog, would be made available on Steam.Brown stated that the decision to distribute the game online was because “digital downloads have finally gotten going”.




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