Monty Mole Remakes


Monty Mole Remakes

If you are a fan of retro games, then there is a good chance you have heard of Monty On The Run.

One of the bigger games on the 8 bit systems, our wee Monty has developed a fan base that has endured to date.The premise is simple. Our hero has been locked up and has to escape to freedom. Have you ever seen a mole try to jump a tea pot? The music was kindly donated by Press Play On Tape and is a live rendition of the Hubbard masterpiece.

You may grab the game HERE.



Wanted: Monty Mole

Original Game: Wanted: Monty Mole

Author(s): Peter M.Harrap

Publisher: Gremlin Graphics

Year: 1984

With a long cold winter and bone chilling Christmas ahead, Monty Mole makes a daring, coal snatching raid to his local South Yorkshire pit. Grabbing a miner’s bucket he heads off into the darkness, soon to wish he’d caught a cold instead.

With his bucket filled, Monty tries to make his escape…

Download Here (1.5mb)

Remake Coding by Steven Watson

Graphics by Ric Lumb


>Last Remake is provided by Luny at Sourceforge


Monty Mole This is a 2D platform arcade game, based on the original game written on the ZX Spectrum. The miners are on strike and you need heat. Your aim is to help Monty collect all the coal by navigating through the mine shafts avoiding all the nas

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