Mosquito Battle


Mosquito Battle

We did not find any good articles on the net about solutions against
mosquito bites .
We thought to share what we know about this as a strategic struggle against
these bloodsuckers .
Here some nasty method and help :



 1] Cut some lemon and put it close to your window , two piece would be
enough , three ,almost safe , four, a decent shield .
They don’t like the lemons smell , whatever helps at the end just based on lemon like a juice in a glass.




2] Give water to your plants on the jar and place copper in their base , just into the thin water of the pot boards.
Water that is needed by mosquito , water enriched with dirt for release
their eggs,
If you want give death to mosquito drop off the jars some small pieces of copper ,
usually retrieved from copper wires .



3] It’s a joy in the summer to use anytime spilling water , so spilling it around ,
in gardens , terraces , yards .
Eventually Remember to add in the puddles , consecutively formed after that ,
dish soap , it will kill mosquito eggs and won’t let fly them.







4] Garlic . If you eat it at evening then they won’t bite you after.
Make it in pieces and drop them in the garden or at others sensible locations of your house,
it will keep off mosquito .



5] According to some scientist , magnetic fields can interfere with the iron in mosquito blood,
resulting in  a detachment of their bothering “injections” .
Use some magnet , usually you can retrieve them from old speakers ,
attach some magnet in your house
and your garden places.


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