Guide Mr. Robot through 22 levels in the factory. He must pick up all floor-lights before he can proceed to the next level.


Mr. Robot will encounter many obstacles during his adventure. There are ladders, moving treadmills, bombs to walk over and ignite, slides, lifts, teleporters, trampolines and magnets to help – or prevent – him reach the end.

Beware of deadly monsters! When Mr. Robot collects power pills, he is protected by a power shield for a brief moment. When shielded, Mr. Robot is invincible to monsters.

Can you reach the final level?

It sports tough, but forgiving, playability, a swinging soundtrack and colourful retro-graphics!


Gamepad or keyboard.

Arrow keys to move, Z key to jump.


This is a remake of the 1984 Datamost game originally created by Ron Rosen.

Programming and Graphics: Vidar Bang.

Music: Uncle & the Bacon.

Title Screen, Sound Effects & 8-bit music: Roy Widding.

Released in August 2016 by Vinterstorm.

Thanks to our testers: Ruben Spaans and Anders Rodahl.

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip file to your preferred games location, then double-click MrRobot.exe to start the game.

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