<You’re awaken to cry out of an agony all around you. As your vision recovers, you find yourself in a place where only the true evil could call home.

The game uses Konami SCC mapper.

Fire lashes out of the floor. Spikes dripping with the blood of countless victims line the walls. Bones litter the floor, and tiny beasts you’ve never seen pick at the remaining flesh. You hear the clanging of armor, the grinding of bones, and the maniacal screams of death approaching.

As you pull yourself to your feet, you notice that you’re standing next to a dismembered corpse. His organs are spewed all over the surrounding area. You don’t know where you are, or how you got here, but you do know two things: You’re getting out, and you aren’t going to end up like him.

Destroy the demons, vanquish the undead, and escape the inferno… or become another bloodstain on the wall.

Inferno is a side view, screen flipping, arcade/adventure inspired by many classic titles from many platforms. It will test your reflexes, your mind and your courage. Both the enemies and the levels themselves will become part of your worst nightmares.

Inferno is currently under development.

Aetherbyte’s Inferno CM for our upcoming MSX2 action game, straight from the 1987 video vaults.
No animals were set on fire during the making of this video. Only my arm.


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